Narconon Drug Education Activity in South Africa

Narconon Cape Twon Drug Education One of the greater drug problems in Cape Town would be the crystal methamphetamine use. The drug is very cheap and can be bought from almost anywhere. People with not much income can also afford it.


“Tik” is the street name and it’s usually smoked in a light bulb with a straw.

Narconon knows about the problem and is taking some major steps to handling the methamphetamine problem. Going in schools delivering drug education presentations to students has helped to inform students to stay away from methamphetamine and other drugs.

Even talking to people on the streets and explaining what drugs really do to the body and the mind is one of the steps Narconon Cape Town  has been taking to handle the problem.

One of the other activities to help raise funds to offer drug education programs to schools is selling drug booklets and stickers during the holidays.

Students who have attended the drug education program at their schools have even helped. Almost every kind of school has shown interest in the drug education program. Some students even help us reach students at other schools which plays a great part to handling the drug problem.

One particular drug education activity the kids helped out with enabled Narconon Cape Town to reach 1,613 students  and 80  received “Peer Leader Training” which helped them learn how to help friends get off or stay off drugs.

The techniques they learned can be used through out their life. As soon as someone really duplicates what drugs do to people and also has the right technique to show and explain it to others, it changes his or her life and all the people around them.