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Drug Rehab in California

Narconon Has Saved Many Live from Addiction in California

With nearly 50 Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers all over the world, addicts have been finding lasting recovery every day.

The Narconon program is an alternative to the short-term or twelve-step programs. This holistic approach addresses important factors that help a person addicted to drugs or alcohol really leave drugs behind and start to live an ethical and productive life.

Narconon Facilities in California Provide Effective Recovery Treatment

Watsonvile rehab center

There are a number of Narconon centers in California. In Northern California there is the Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab center in Watsonville, with branches in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe. In Southern California there is the Narconon San Diego drug rehabilitation center in nearby Warner Springs and another in Huntington Beach.

Each Narconon facility is a comfortable residential center where addicts can achieve lasting sobriety. With a high 70 percent success rate, Narconon offers an addict the chance to get on the right path and lead a productive life without drugs.

San Diego center

The first step in Narconon treatment is withdrawal. Using no drug replacement therapy, this drugless withdrawal is effective, made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and caring assistance from experienced staff.

After finishing the withdrawal process, the recovering individual is taught important and basic communication skills. This education helps him to get control over his environment, as well as his attitude toward life. He can then move forward through the rest of the program more effectively.

Flushing Out Drug Residues Helps Proof against Relapse

SaunaDrugs are not fully eliminated from the body after someone stops using them. There are residues that remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. These residual drugs cause foggy thinking and are also known to be involved in triggering drug cravings even years after coming off drugs. The innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification Program addresses this. By employing a regimen of vitamins and minerals, time in a low-heat sauna and moderate exercise, these stored drugs are flushed from the system.

This detoxification takes around a month. Those who complete this phase of the Narconon program often state how much clearer their thinking is, how much cleaner their body feels, and many say that their drug cravings are gone.

Rebuilding the Ability to Live a Drug-free Life

An addicted lifestyle causes a lot of damage to the addict. His mind is clouded, his body is toxic and relationships in his life are harmed. He loses life skills needed to deal with day-to-day stresses and challenges. Narconon provides the way to repair the damage resulting from living with addiction. Narconon Life Skills Courses teach a recovering addict how to confront challenges that face him and how to deal with stresses that could otherwise cause him to search out a pill, joint or drink.

The course called the Personal Values and Integrity Course shows the student how to restore his integrity and live an ethical existence. The Way to Happiness Course teaches the student a common-sense moral code with twenty-one basic concepts for living a happy life that steer him in the right direction.

In this phase of the Narconon recovery program, there are a series of courses, all of which show an addict how to maintain his sobriety and live a life without drugs.

An Effective Drug Rehab in California is Imperative

Many sections of California are designated High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas by law enforcement. Both Southern and Northern California cities and towns are ravaged by drug-related crime, with illicit drugs widely available to young and old. Central California is known as a major center of methamphetamine that is distributed across the state and to other regions. Daily, more people are falling into the trap of drug addiction. This requires fast action to save addicted lives and keep our families intact.

The Narconon drug rehab program is part of the solution. Stemming the tide of addiction can be done one person at a time by providing an effective drug rehab that achieves lasting recovery for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Drug addiction has crippled thousands of lives throughout the United States. California is no exception. A border shared with Mexico enables truckloads of drugs to be driven in, and multiple seaports facilitate the movement of shipping containers of illicit substances. Therefore, California is no stranger to the resulting dangers of drug addiction. Schools, workplaces and homes become subject to drug-related crime and violence.

A drug or alcohol addict has his life devastated by his habit. Driven by cravings, he or she loses all self-respect, integrity and personal values. His family is torn apart, his friendships are destroyed. Any hopes and dreams for a fulfilling and happy future are obliterated. Finding an effective drug rehab in California is a necessity.

When a loved one has been caught up in the violent storm of drug addiction, Narconon is your best choice, with an alternative treatment that is effective in providing lasting sobriety and which can lead to a fulfilling and happy life. Call Narconon today at 800-775-8750.

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