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Drug Rehab for Irvine, California

Addicted lives are filled with all the wrong emotions and feelings. Hopelessness, anger, fear, worry - all are a part of an addict's life. An addict's personality undergoes many changes. Drugs and alcohol destroy an addict's self-confidence and enthusiasm for the future. Relationships are harmed almost beyond repair. Trying to tell an addict this and to urge them to get help often meets with denial. To find a drug rehab for Irvine that can provide lasting recovery may seem out of reach. However, with the Narconon drug rehabilitation program the solution is only a short drive away.

The Narconon San Diego drug rehabilitation center in Warner Springs, California is only about two hours from Irvine. Here an addict can find a program designed to help him achieve lasting sobriety and get back on the right path for a happy future.

Along with a drugless withdrawal, a thorough detoxification and an effective education in how to deal with the pressures and obstacles when going back into the world drug-free, the Narconon program has caring and experienced staff who help the recovering addict with one-on-one assistance.

Detoxification Rids the Body of Stored Drugs

With drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, remaining long after drug use has ceased, the addict will experience foggy thinking and may retain behavior patterns learned in drug-abusing years. These stored toxins have also been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings for years after a person has come off drugs. These residual drugs must be flushed from the system.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program does just that. With an innovative combination of time in a low-heat sauna, moderate exercise and generous nutritional supplements, this detoxification flushes these stored drugs from an addict's body, resulting in clearer thinking and a brighter outlook on life.

Both Physical and Mental Aspects Addressed Thoroughly with Narconon Program

Withdrawal takes courage and persistence, and at Narconon it is made more tolerable through the use of caring one-on-one work with the trained staff, as well as vital nutritional support.

Another important aspect of Narconon services is addressing the attitudes and mind-set of the recovering addict, proofing him against the factors that could lead to his relapse into a life of addiction. The Narconon Life Skills Courses are a series of educational steps that teach a recovering person how to go back in the world and deal with the stresses and challenges that face him. An example of one of these courses is the Way to Happiness Course. The student learns an excellent common-sense moral code, non-religious in content, where twenty-one concepts give him the guidelines needed to live a productive and happy life without drugs.

Orange County Drug Trafficking Creates a Dangerous Environment

Even upscale neighborhoods in Orange County, California, such as in Irvine, Tustin or Lake Forest, are not exempt from the effects of drug abuse. Gangs create a dangerous environment with their illicit drugs and weapons. Drug-related crime and violence are common.

In the last few years, methamphetamine prices in the area have dropped and there has been a pattern of teens migrating from abusing prescription drugs to using heroin. The proximity of Irvine to Mexico means that this area will be well-supplied with illicit drugs.

It is vital to prevent a recovering addict from getting sucked into such a life again. With the alternative drug rehab for Irvine in Narconon, an addict can find lasting recovery at last.

When searching for a holistic rehabilitation treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and to achieve lasting sobriety, you have found the solution with Narconon. A person addicted to drugs or alcohol can finally look forward to a fulfilling life lived ethically and happily. Call the Narconon center today at 1-800-775-8750.

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