Drug Rehab for Richmond, California

As a person addicted to drugs or alcohol sees his life sinking to new lows, he is often hopeless and depressed, not able to see a way out. His family may become alienated, his friends may turn their backs on him. Perhaps he loses his job, car and home. The only solution is to find an effective and successful drug rehab for Richmond that can provide a lasting sobriety and give him a chance to gain back all that he has lost. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center does just that, and with a 70% success rate at lasting recovery.

The Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab in California is less than two hours away from Richmond and provides an effective program in a comfortable long-term residential facility. There are also branches in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe. The Narconon treatment addresses the physical dependence as well as the mental factors of addiction in a sequence that provides a recovering addict the chance for a drug-free and productive life.

No Drug Replacement Therapy in the Narconon Program Means Lasting Success

Narconon uses no addictive substitute drugs in any part of rehabilitation. A drugless withdrawal is followed by a thorough detoxification and then a complete educational process comes after that. Together, these three aspects of recovery address the factors that led to a person’s life of drug abuse. A series of courses teaches the recovering individual how to cope with a drug-free life effectively, facing whatever stresses or obstacles come his way without turning to a pill or a drink.

The first phase is a drugless withdrawal, made more tolerable through the use of generous nutritional support. Experienced staff assist by administering unique relaxation techniques that are helpful in dealing with the aches, pains and other discomforts that go along with withdrawal. Reorientation exercises are employed to help the individual better relate to his new environment.

Narconon Addresses Both Body and Mind in its Effective Treatment

Drug residues, lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, have been known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings even years after a person has stopped using drugs. These stored toxins also cause a person to suffer from confused thinking. It is vital to flush these residual drugs from the system. This is exactly what the Narconon New Life Detoxification accomplishes. Through the use of an effective combination of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna, stored poisons are eliminated from the body. Many people finishing this service remark that their cravings are reduced or even gone.

But that is not the end of the program at Narconon. Each person needs to be proofed against the factors that led him or her to start using drugs in the first place. When someone is striving toward sobriety, he needs certain life skills restored or repaired that will help him make the right choices and be able to face the same stresses and challenges that he had just before beginning a life of drug abuse. The Narconon Life Skills Courses provide the skills he needs to live an honest and productive life.

Contra Costa County and Richmond Need a Successful Rehab for Addiction

There can be no doubt that an effective and successful drug rehab for Richmond is vital. Part of the San Francisco Bay Area, the city is no stranger to the high volume of drugs that move through the region. With the conduits of sea ports and an extensive highway system, drugs come into the area from Mexico drug trafficking cartels and criminal groups. In fact, recently a large West Coast drug trafficking ring was found and 20 defendants indicted on drug-related charges in San Francisco. They had large amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine and were distributing these drugs throughout the Bay Area.

East Bay, California has not been exempt from those trafficking illegal substances. A father and son in East Bay were found to be operating a drug trafficking operation in cooperation with seventeen others. They were growing and distributing marijuana with more than 100 pounds of the drug seized at the time of their arrest along with more than 3,000 plants. Fourteen locations were raided and turned up $400,000 in cash, thirty-six guns and a grenade launcher.

Nearby in the South Bay, a transnational heroin trafficking ring was brought to justice, with ties suspected to gang members linked with Mexican cartels. Multiple weapons were seized in this drug bust. It was initiated to dismantle a Santa Clara County California-based drug trafficking organization. As drug-related activities get closer and closer to home, it becomes extremely vital to have effective drug recovery available. Otherwise, an addict can fall into the wrong company and possibly end up in prison or even dead.

Anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol needs a chance at a life without drugs, real lasting recovery and an honest and ethical life. The Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab center addresses the factors that will help a recovering addict avoid relapse and will restore self-respect and honesty. Narconon is the top choice in drug rehab programs. Contact Narconon today.


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