Drug Rehab for Bakersfield, California

A person addicted to drugs or alcohol often becomes depressed and feels hopeless, seeing his life destroyed before his very eyes. An addict doesn’t really know what to do to pull himself out of this downward spiral. He may have tried various drug rehabs but didn’t agree with the philosophy of these programs, such as the statement that he would always be an addict. He may not have liked putting up with the confrontational style of breaking down his defenses. He likely didn’t find success with these programs either. For an alternative drug rehab in California with lasting recovery, the solution is the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Bakersfield, California is situated in an area that is heavily used by Mexican drug cartels for the production and distribution of illicit substances. As it became harder to move methamphetamine across the border, criminal organizations began to establish large production facilities in remote corners of the central valley. Additionally, the excellent farming conditions in Central California and the foothills permits widespread cultivation of marijuana. Add to this an economic situation that has many people struggling to make ends meet. Economic adversity has a tendency to drive some people into illicit activity so they can make money.

Luckily, within a four hour drive from Bakersfield, there are two residential Narconon facilities offering lasting sobriety. These are the Narconon San Diego drug rehabilitation center south of Bakersfield in Warner Springs and the Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab center north of Bakersfield in Watsonville. Both provide the same holistic program with a 70 percent success rate as the other Narconon centers all over the world.

Helping to Proof an Addict against Relapse is Key

Someone who has lived a life of drug addiction and abuse will leave behind him bad situations and destroyed relationships. The same stresses and challenges he had in his life before he started using drugs or alcohol will be there to confront after he finishes a drug rehabilitation program. He will need to learn how to repair these situations and relationships so he can live a happy life without drugs. He will need to learn how to face and deal with the same stresses and challenges so he doesn’t have to turn to a pill, joint or drink in an attempt to solve his problems.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses provide the knowledge a recovering addict needs to go back home and live a drug-free life. They teach him how to restore and rebuild those areas of his life that were damaged. For instance, one such course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. Here the student is taught principles that can be applied to any situation in life and help him preserve the areas that are doing well and repair those areas that are damaged. With this acquired skill, a person has the ability to rebuild the life that he (or she) may have thought was destroyed forever.

Starting Out on Recovery Treatment with Drugless Withdrawal

Of course, withdrawal will come first when starting the Narconon program. The drugless withdrawal done here is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and one-on-one work with trained and efficient staff. The staff carefully monitor the recovering addict’s progress through withdrawal and ensure he is as comfortable as possible and is eating and sleeping well.

Another important part of effective and holistic treatment is the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Drugs are not fully eliminated from the body once drug use has ceased. Residual drugs remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. These stored poisons cause foggy and confused thinking and have been involved in the triggering of drug cravings even years after a person has quit using drugs. This detoxification employs nutritional supplements, time in a low heat sauna and moderate exercise to flush these toxin residues from the system.

Healing Addicted Lives with an Effective Drug Rehab for Bakersfield

In the Central Valley of California, many drugs are widely available and of these, ice methamphetamine production and abuse have been the greatest threat to the region. Heroin and other illicit drugs are not far behind. To help those who have become victim to addiction and give them a chance to turn their lives around, it is important to have an effective rehab program available to them.

Narconon has a program that addresses both body and mind in an effective manner. With its holistic approach, and 70% success rate, an addict can at last find lasting sobriety. Contact Narconon today.