Drug Rehab for Oxnard, California

Drug or alcohol addiction creates a horrible physical and psychological dependence on the substances being abused, whether they are illegal drugs like heroin or legal ones like alcohol. Although intake seems to provide a pleasurable sensation, the risks of drug abuse are extreme. For example, heroin depresses the immune system and puts the user at a higher risk of infections, many life-threatening. An addict becomes less aware of his surroundings and accidents are common. Even more devastating are the effects on the family and friends of an addicted person. They see him destroying his life. It is imperative to find an effective drug rehab for Oxnard that can provide lasting sobriety. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program does just that.

A Program Providing Lasting Recovery from Addiction

Only a three hour drive from Oxnard you’ll find the Narconon San Diego drug rehabilitation center in Warner Springs, California. Here an addict will discover how to obtain true relief from his addiction and get lasting recovery. A comfortable long-term residential facility, Narconon addresses both physical and mental aspects of addiction and works to proof the recovering addict from relapse.

A key part of the Narconon treatment is that no substitute drugs are used in the program. Drug replacement therapy using methadone, Suboxone or buprenorphine is never successful in achieving a drug-free life. These substitute drugs are themselves addictive and employing them simply replaces one addiction for another.

Saving Addicted Lives is the Objective at Narconon

The first step at any rehab is getting the recovering addict through withdrawal. Although addicts have often tried other withdrawals and know the suffering it brings, the process at Narconon is made more tolerable in a number of ways. To strengthen the body, nutritional support is employed. Vital nutrients are replenished that were depleted in the lifestyle of addiction. One-on-one work with trained staff further assists the individual to stand the strains of withdrawal. They administer relaxation techniques that help ease the discomforts and reorientation exercises assist the recovering person to better relate to his new drug-free surroundings.

To rid the body of drug residues that have lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, Narconon has the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Employing time in a low heat sauna, moderate exercise and nutritional supplements, this detox is effective in flushing these residues from the system. This is vital, because otherwise these stored drugs remain in the body even years after drug use has ceased and cause confused and muddled thinking and have been known to contribute to triggering drug cravings. Once complete on this part of the program, the recovering addict will feel refreshed and brighter. Many comment that their drug cravings have vanished.

Once full detoxification has been completed, the participant begins a study of a series of life skills courses. Since addiction commonly starts with various kinds of emotional or physical pain in the individual’s life, the factors that contributed to starting a life of drugs in the first place must be addressed. The study of these courses helps a recovering addict handle the stresses, obstacles and challenges they are going to face when they reenter their day-to-day life.

An example of one of the Narconon Life Skills Courses is the Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life course. On this course, students can learn how poor decisions regarding friends and acquaintances damaged their lives in the past and how to make better choices in the future.

Oxnard in Need of a Holistic Rehabilitation Treatment for Addiction

Oxnard, California lies in a heavy drug trafficking area. Street gangs run drugs throughout the city, distributing heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamine. It is an ongoing problem. For instance in 2011, twelve Oxnard street gang members faced charges of drug trafficking, each distributing large quantities of illicit drugs. Two of these gang members faced potential life sentences because of prior convictions.

Whether street gangs or individuals dealing to support their own habits, the streets are full of illicit drugs available to anyone susceptible or already addicted. Recently a man was arrested with seven and a half pounds of heroin that he was selling throughout Oxnard. The street value was $136,000. There is no doubt that an effective and holistic drug rehab for Oxnard is needed.

No matter what poison a person is addicted to, it is absolutely imperative to get help in an alternative drug rehabilitation treatment that will provide him with the road to a productive and happy life without drugs. Narconon is your first choice for lasting sobriety. Contact Narconon today.