Drug Rehab for Redding, California

An addict can become associated with some of the lowest types of people, from drug dealers to violent criminals and gangs. These associations come from the need to acquire drugs to satisfy the cravings. Dealers are only out for the profit of making sales to those who can’t seem to live without drugs. They don’t care about the suffering they are inflicting. An addict can get caught up in drug-related crime and violence with ease. It becomes vital for an effective drug rehab for Redding to assure that an addict who really wants to live a drug-free life can achieve lasting sobriety. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center provides just that.

Narconon Vista Bay’s centers for drug rehab in California is only three hours away and gives a person addicted to drugs or alcohol the chance to remove himself from the horror of drug abuse and the relationships that can lead to physical harm and even death. With two other branches in Watsonville and South Lake Tahoe, Narconon Vista Bay provides the same effective treatment program available in fifty other Narconon centers around the world.

At this residential facility an addict will find lasting recovery. An important part of the program is the thorough detoxification received. Even when a person has been off of drugs for a long period, drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body and cause foggy thinking. These residual drugs have also been known to contribute to drug cravings. This can lead to relapse, so it is vital to flush these residual poisons from the body.

Ridding the Body of Harmful Drug Residues

Before getting started on a detoxification program, however, an addict must go through withdrawal. Drugless withdrawal at Narconon is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and assistance by experienced and trained staff. Special techniques and processes are used to ease the discomforts of withdrawal.

Soon after comes the detoxification step. The Narconon New Life Detoxification uses an effective combination of moderate exercise, generous nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna to eliminate toxic drug resides from the body. This clears a person’s thinking. Many who finish this detoxification also say that their drug cravings have vanished.

Restoring the Ability to Live a Drug-free Life

As an addict blunders through his life, things become a mess. He makes wrong decisions and develops bad relationships. He forgets how to live an honest and upstanding life. The Narconon Life Skills Courses are next on the program to show an addict how to get in control of his life, and at the same time, the study gives him insight into what may have led to his drug abuse in the first place.

One of the series of courses taught is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. This course provides the student with reliable tools that he can use to repair parts of his life that were damaged through addiction. Each person going through this program then applies these tools to improve areas of his life like relationships with family, friends or employers, past jobs or business, or even communities that may have been harmed by the addicted person’s actions.

Getting Away from the Temptations of Drugs

Redding, California lies halfway between Canada and Mexico, a lovely town with the Sacramento River rushing through. Although idyllic in many ways, the city is no stranger to the horrific results of addiction and drug-related crime and violence.

Not long ago, two people pled guilty to running a marijuana operation in Shasta County, raising more than 900 plants. This shows that this beautiful county is not exempt from drug trafficking and even perhaps is made a hub of activity since it is not recognized as a high-intensity drug trafficking region. Perhaps traffickers can hide here more effectively.

This year in the news, two men were in serious condition with burns from a marijuana oil lab which exploded. An oil lab is used to convert marijuana into hash oil, which is then smoked in cigarettes. Shasta County was also earlier the scene of a meth lab explosion where two people had to be rushed to the UC Davis Medical Center.

When illegal drugs are actually manufactured in the area, it is obvious that harmful drugs are easily available. Dealers distribute illicit substances, and addicts will do just about anything to obtain them. An effective drug rehab for Redding is a necessity.

Narconon has the alternative and holistic program that addresses both body and mind in an effective manner. With its 70 percent success rate, an addict can finally find lasting sobriety. Contact Narconon today.


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