Drug Rehab for Fresno, California

An addict can easily get caught up in drug-related crime and violence. Someone addicted to drugs or alcohol already has lost his integrity and personal values, turning to lies and theft in an attempt to support his habit. His family and friends dread the phone call in the middle of the night that tells them that their loved one has overdosed, been arrested or had an accident.

However, life does not have to be this way.

If you are looking for a drug rehab in Fresno we can help. Narconon offers a program that thoroughly addresses the causes and damages of addiction, where one can achieve lasting sobriety. We have three centers not far from Fresno in the northern California area.

The Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab center in Watsonville is about a two-hour drive from Fresno and may be your best choice in drug treatment programs in the area. A residential drug rehab facility, Narconon Vista Bay provides comfortable lodging and an alternative program to help an addict leave drugs behind and find a long-awaited freedom from drug abuse.

Rehab center near Fresno

Drug-free Withdrawal Necessary for Effective Recovery

Withdrawal takes courage and determination. Although many addicts seem to fear withdrawal, there is no need to fear the process at Narconon. Through the use of nutritional support and assistance by the experienced and caring staff, withdrawal is made much more tolerable. With generous nutrition supplied throughout, vital nutrients that were lost in an addicted lifestyle are replaced. Staff administer unique relaxation techniques that help ease the aches and pains of withdrawal. Reorientation processes are employed that help the recovering addict get more familiar with and become oriented in his safe and drug-free surroundings.

Two Other Aspects to the Narconon Program that Assist in Recovery

Sauna Detox program

Drugs don’t all leave the body once a person stops using drugs. Drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, causing cloudy and slow mental processes. These toxic residues also are known to contribute to drug cravings, even years after drug use has ceased. The Narconon New Life Detoxification rids the body of these stored drugs, clearing the body and mind and preparing the person for his new drug-free life. Flushing these from the body is accomplished using a combination of exercise, time in a low heat sauna and a precise regimen of nutritional supplements.

An addict leaves behind him a wake of destruction. Situations and relationships are harmed by his addictive lifestyle. To address this aspect of his life, and to help proof him against relapse, the Narconon Life Skills Courses teaches the person in recovery how to make sober, healthy decisions once back home. Rather than turn to drugs or alcohol to solve his problems, a recovering individual gains the knowledge needed to cope with the stresses and obstacles he will face back out in the world.

An example of such a course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. With the study of this information, the student will learn how to preserve the areas in his life that are going well for him and to repair areas of life that are damaged. Precise formulas for action help a person faced with a challenging situation work out the best solution that will result in the best outcome. Having this skill reduces a person’s stress and helps give him the confidence that he can stay sober.

An Effective Drug Rehab in Fresno Must Help Proof an Addict against Relapse

Fresno lies within the Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area of California. This designation by government officials indicates that the region is a hotbed of illicit drug activity including distribution, production and drug-related crime. Street gangs and other criminal groups make methamphetamine, ecstasy, crack cocaine and high-potency marijuana easy to obtain. Drug-related crime extends into prostitution, piracy of legitimate goods and more. The best way out of addiction is to have a solution that achieves lasting sobriety and helps to prevent a recovering addict from being pulled into such activities.

Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab center in Watsonville helps provide what is needed for lasting recovery in the Central Valley. This is the way for an addict to finally achieve a lasting freedom from drug addiction and the harms that come from a life of drug abuse.

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