Drug Rehab for Ontario, California

The family and friends of an addict have every reason to be terrified - frightened beyond words at the harms that can befall a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is devastating to a person’s life in so many ways. Besides turning to lies and theft in order to support his habit, an addict is in danger of illness and even death.

In the process of trying to satisfy his cravings, he turns into someone else - the addictive personality so different from the person he was when not taking drugs or alcohol. There is no way out of this mess but to find an effective drug rehab for Ontario that will give an addict back a life without drugs, one where he can have a happy and productive future. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center can provide just that.

Situated only about an hour and a half away from Ontario, lies the Narconon San Diego drug rehabilitation and residential center in Warner Springs. This holistic program is the best choice for recovery from addiction.

Treatment for the Whole Individual Means Lasting Recovery

Narconon rehabilitation approaches treatment in a thorough manner, from a drugless withdrawal and complete detoxification to thoroughly teaching the skills necessary to maintain a sober life. This is an alternative method to the conventional rehab programs, and does not use addictive substitute drugs, such as methadone or Suboxone, in any part of its holistic program.

Although withdrawal is known to be a difficult process for any addict, it is made more tolerable at Narconon through the use of generous nutritional support and one-on-one work with experienced staff. During the drugless withdrawal, relaxation techniques are administered which help to alleviate the aches, pains and discomforts. Reorientation exercises help the recovering individual to better relate to his new drug-free surroundings.

Addiction Treatment that Saves Addicted Lives

When drugs are used, residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body and are known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings even years after someone has come off drugs. It is vital to eliminate these drug residues from the system. The Narconon New Life Detoxification does just that. Using an effective combination of nutritional supplements, time in a low heat sauna and some moderate exercise, this innovative detox flushes the lodged poisons from the body, providing clearer thinking and a refreshed feeling. Many state that once finished with this detoxification their drug cravings are completely gone.

The program isn’t considered complete until the recovering addict does the Narconon Life Skills Courses. This series of courses teach the participant how to make drug-free decisions and the way to lead an honest and ethical life. He can live clean, without turning to a pill or drink to solve his problems. For instance, the Ups and Downs in Life Course teaches the student how to identify those relationships that will have a positive effect upon his life and how to avoid relationships with people who would jeopardize his life of sobriety.

A Successful Drug Rehab for Ontario is a Must

San Bernardino Valley, California has key cities, such as Ontario, San Bernardino, Redlands and Fontana, which act as conduits for drugs being moved through the area. Gangs in the region are involved in drug production and distribution. For example, recently twelve gang members were indicted in roles in narcotics trafficking within the county. Another incident illustrates the wide influence the drug trade has in the area. A number of young people died from overdose of an illegal substance transported in from Mexico. Black tar heroin deaths led to an investigation and 15 arrests of criminals who were supplying street-level dealers. With such an environment, Ontario must have a way to help addicts turn their lives around and avoid the temptations leading to relapse.

Narconon San Diego drug rehabilitation center in Warner Springs is the perfect choice to deal with drug abuse, achieving real lasting sobriety and the chance for an addict to leave ALL drugs behind. A fulfilling and happy life is possible. Contact Narconon today.