Drug Rehab for
Pomona, California

aerial view of Pomona California

A drug or alcohol addict finds his life becoming a horror story. Family members may turn away in hopelessness or disgust, friends may disappear, jobs are lost. Dreams for future happiness crumble to dust. All that is important to the addicted person is trying to find the next fix or drink. It becomes apparent that only illness, incarceration or death remains in the addicted person’s future. Whether you’re living in Pomona or elsewhere, the only hope of changing this awful scene is to find an effective drug rehab, one that can provide lasting sobriety and a chance for a real future. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Warner Springs is that hope.

Getting on the Road to Recovery with a Holistic Program

The Narconon Warner Springs drug rehab center in southern California is only a short drive away from Pomona and is a comfortable residential facility where an addict will find an alternative recovery program.

When an addict arrives, the first thing he (or she) does is get the drugs he has currently been taking out of his system. Although the withdrawal process is never easy and takes fortitude and determination, withdrawal at Narconon is made more tolerable in a number of ways. An addicted lifestyle is hard on the body, and the nutritional support provided during withdrawal helps to replenish nutrients lost during the time of addiction. One-on-one work with trained staff also helps, with relaxation techniques administered to ease the discomforts and reorientation processes given that help the recovering person better relate to his environment.

Leading the Way for a Drug-Free Life

A unique approach is needed to remove drug residues that lodge in the fatty tissues of the body even years after drug use has ceased. These residual toxins cause confused actions and muddled thinking and have been known to help trigger drug cravings. The innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification flushes these residual drugs from the system, giving the recovering addict a cleaner body and a clearer mind. Many say that once done with this detoxification, their drug cravings have disappeared completely.

New Life Detox sauna

Additionally, a recovering addict has left behind him a tangle of destroyed relationships, bad situations and damaged areas of life. It will take some effort to repair and rebuild these relationships and situations. He will need specific tools that can actually be applied in life to correct these matters. On the Narconon Life Skills Courses, this is just the kind of education he gets. He will learn how to live an ethical and productive life without turning to drugs or alcohol to escape his problems.

An example of one of the courses in this series is the Personal Values Course. They learn a procedure that enables them to take full responsibility for their past misdeeds and thereby gain relief from the associated trauma and guilt connected with them. By the end of this course, students can leave the past behind and move forward into a positive future.

Effective Drug Rehab for Pomona Urgently Needed

Drug cartels, criminal, and street gangs elicit terror throughout Los Angeles County. Over the years Pomona has seen a large share of the drug-related crime and wide availability of drugs. Just one incident was when 160 pounds of methamphetamine was seized from drug labs in Pomona and Van Nuys. The person arrested was part of a drug trafficking ring operating in the region.

Mexican drug cartels target the United States markets and have gang members working in the city to distribute and transport illicit drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine. Ongoing drug trafficking from Mexico accounts for high crime rates and the high availability of drugs. High schools and colleges are prime targets. Drug-related deaths from drug abuse escalate. It is vital to find lasting sobriety and to leave addiction behind with effective drug treatment for any addict in Pomona.

A holistic approach provides an addict with the way to truly come off drugs or alcohol, with a nutritionally based withdrawal, thorough detoxification and restored life skills. The person now has a chance at a happy and productive new life. When looking for drug recovery programs near Pomona, California, you’ll discover Narconon is the one to choose.