Selma, Alabama Proclaims Narconon Day

Selma Alabama Proclaims Narconon Day

March 8, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Although there is not a Narconon in the State of Alabama yet, we are impressed with the work that is being done worldwide over the last 40 years. We look forward to joining the ranks of such an exemplary organization which is dedicated to ridding the planet of substance abuse, and the work you have done in offering those caught in the web of drugs and using this cutting edge technology to get their lives back.

We are glad to be in communication with Narconon as we look forward to bringing this life saving technology to the great State of Alabama. We join others who have saluted you in honor of the 40 years you have been saving lives through your 120 centers located in over 40 countries.

We applaud your work and we congratulate you on February 19, 2006 being proclaimed Narconon Day. We look forward to working with the Narconon Network.



Bennie Ruth Crenshaw