New Study Shows Further Scientific Evidence for Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

For nearly four decades, those participating in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program have utilized the sauna-based detoxification step of this program as a way to improve their current conditions and chances for lasting sobriety. In September 2018, a detailed scientific study was published that provides validation of the efficacy of this protocol as a way of assisting recovery from the damage done by drugs or alcohol.

“This study provides validation for what I have experienced as the Medical Director of a Narconon facility and an emergency room physician.” —Dr. Rohit Adi, MD

Anyone who is close to an addicted person sees the negative changes that result from the use of drugs like opioids, methamphetamine, stimulants or alcohol. The user’s personality changes for the worse, he (or she) becomes less able to hold a job, maintain relationships or complete productive tasks each day. He is less able to control his emotional state and his health suffers.

If drug or alcohol use stops, not only will that person have to suffer through withdrawal symptoms for the next days or weeks, but the damaging effects of these drugs may actually stretch out for many more weeks, months or even years. It’s very common for someone who has stopped using drugs to complain about problems like:

  • Fatigue
  • Low moods
  • Poor emotional well-being
  • Difficulty coping with relationships
  • Foggy and unclear thinking
  • And many other symptoms, long after acute withdrawal symptoms stop.
 Journal of International Medical Research
Journal of International Medical Research

This new study reveals the way that this detox procedure—the New Life Detoxification as it is called at a Narconon rehab—eliminates these long-lasting symptoms and provides greater general well-being for each participant. The New Life Detoxification utilizes daily time in a low-heat sauna, a specific regimen of vitamin and mineral supplementation and moderate daily aerobic exercise.

This study published in the Journal of International Medical Research is titled “Safety and tolerability of sauna detoxification for the protracted withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse.” With the publication of this study in a renowned medical journal, the safety and benefit of this detox protocol have been validated.

Scientific Measures of Health and Well-Being

A total of 109 clients participated in this study by completing a variety of questionnaires and interviews as the protocol proceeded. For example, a questionnaire called the SF-36 (referring to the survey being a Short Form series of questions measuring 36 factors of health, energy and mood) was used when they enrolled in the rehab program, at the beginning of the detoxification step, at the end of this step and at discharge from the entire program. These measures were then compared to the national norms in each area.

Using the SF-36 and other surveys and questionnaires, the beneficial results of the New Life Detoxification could be clearly seen. In every area, the satisfaction and healthy functioning of Narconon clients improved after this detox to the point that average scores greatly exceeded national norms. It’s particularly notable that 26% of these clients also commented that they no longer experienced any cravings for drugs.

Why is the Improvement of These Measures Vitally Important?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol abuse steals away a person’s brightness, cognitive quickness and ability to think clearly. Life becomes dim and grim and it seems that the only way another day can be faced is with more drugs or drinks.

A period of abstinence in a rehab or even a jail does little to help a person recover, and for the majority, their new lives continue to be plagued with intense cravings and unhappiness. In an absence of a scientifically validated approach daily group meetings and intensive support are used to attempt to address these lingering symptoms which often lead to relapse.

The improved energy and clarity of thinking, increased emotional stability, reduced cravings and greater well-being reported by participants of the New Life Detoxification protocol gave each person on the Narconon rehab program a much better start on their new sober lives. Following this step on the Narconon program is a series of life skills training courses to enable each person to preserve their new sobriety.

Dr. Rohit S. Adi, MD
Dr. Rohit Adi, MD

“This study provides validation for what I have experienced as the Medical Director of a Narconon facility and an Emergency Physician of a hospital,” said Dr. Rohit Adi, MD, Chairman of the Narconon International Science Advisory Board. “While the initial life-threatening symptoms of drug withdrawal receives the majority of attention during detox, symptoms often persist beyond this initial period and can contribute the overall chance of relapse. The New Life Detoxification protocol eases and in many cases eliminates these symptoms and helps prevent relapse.”

Across the country, families are looking for a solution to the misery of their loved ones struggling with addiction. The New Life Detoxification offers a scientifically validated way to recover much of the happiness, brightness and energy that was stolen away by drugs.