Nepal State Minister for Home Affairs Commends Narconon

Government Nepal Minister Commends Narconon


Government of Nepal State Minister for Home Affairs

August 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Carr,

It was my great pleasure to meet you upon the graduation ceremony at Narconon Nepal and to learn about the good works done by Narconon International throughout the world.

That Narconon International is producing real, life-saving results I personally saw in the eyes of your graduates in Narconon Nepal.

As in other countries, Nepal faces fearsome problems with drugs. My Ministry is seriously trying to cope with and solve this problem. In this regard, we will expect and appreciate the continuing cooperation of Narconon International.

As Narconon Nepal is doing great work in prevention and rehabilitation in saving the lives of many Nepali people, on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs for the Government of Nepal, please accept our sincere thanks for helping establish and support Narconon Nepal.

I wish also to thank your philosopher L. Ron Hubbard for developing such a precious technology to cope with and resolve this terrible problem.

With admiration and respect,


Md. Rizwan Ansari
State Minister for Home Affairs
Government of Nepal