Narconon Africa History 2003

South Africa Drug Education

In Cape Town, Narconon drug educator Robert Van der Feyst has been reaching thousands of new people with his lectures. In 2003, more than 9,000 people heard his presentations on the dangers of drugs – that’s the equivalent of 25 people per day. Robert went on to publish many articles in the local press and appeared on the radio to educate even more people in the community on the Narconon drug prevention information. Robert also held Narconon First Step workshops that taught people how they could help addicts have a more comfortable, safe withdrawal from the drugs or alcohol they were taking. The Narconon First Step workshop shows how to use nutrition and gentle re-orientation exercises to calm the person in withdrawal. Workshop attendees then learn how to practice their communication skills to improve the recovering addicts’ ability to meet life’s challenges without drugs.

Narconon Ghana is greatly expanded its delivery of drug education lectures this year. While just under 14,000 people heard the drug-free message in 2002, delivery jumped up to more than 20,000 people in 2003. The group moved into their new offices in September and had their grand opening on November 29.

In early March, Narconon Johannesburg moved into a lovely two-story building so they could expand their services. Johannesburg staff also delivered Narconon First Step workshops to the city’s police and received rave reviews from the attendees afterwards.