Delegation from the USSR Visits Narconon International

Deligation from the USSR visits Narconon International

Last year the President of Narconon Europe, Bosse Persson, was invited to the USSR to visit drug rehabilitation centers there and to talk about Narconon and the drug problem.

Upon meeting with the General Director of Soyuztheater, Eugeni O. Tomakh, a protocol was signed between Narconon International and Soyuztheater in Moscow agreeing to work together in producing a series of Narconon anti-drug cultural events in the USSR.

In late 1989, a large article on Narconon appeared in the Soviet Newspaper PRAVDA after our visit to Moscow. The article included how the Narconon Program was developed by L. Ron Hubbard and how it had saved the life of Bosse Persson, the President of Narconon Europe.

Our guests from the USSR visited the Narconon International offices here in Los Angeles during the month of February, 1990.

Kirstie Alley, Narconon Chilocco’s international spokesperson, held a private reception at her home for our friends from the USSR. In attendance were Kirstie and her husband, Parker Stevenson; Chick Corea; Gayle Moran; Willie Gault of the L.A. Raiders, actor Bob Ginty; the Mayor of Palm Springs Sonny Bono; Former Welterweight Boxing Champion Carlos Palomino, actress Ana Alicia; Gene Simmons from the band KISS; Lisa Marie Presley; actor David Hasselhoff; and many others welcoming this delegation to the United States.

The number one drug problem to address in the USSR is addiction to alcohol. Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin are present, but not as common as in the West.