City of Gardena California Proclaims June 2, 1985 as Drug Free Hero Day

City of Gardena California Proclamation to Narconon All-Stars.


WHEREAS, Narconon, an international network of Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Education Centers, has been actively fighting drug abuse for nearly two decades; and

WHEREAS, in 1979 the “Narconon All Stars” was formed - the first group of celebrities to speak out against drug abuse and position themselves as Drug Free Heroes; and

WHEREAS, through the Narconon All Star’s drug-free activities, there has been made available to thousands of youth positive alternatives and effective drug education that is working toward a society free from drug and alcohol abuse;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD L. DEAR, MAYOR of the City of Gardena, California do hereby proclaim June 2, 1985, as


in the City of Gardena, and urge all citizens to be cognizant of Narconon’s efforts against drug abuse, and to participate in activities towards this end.

Dated: June 11, 1985


Donald L. Dear

The Narconon history.