Letters To The Editor

Narconon Program at Riverside

I’m sure that in the future when I look back over what it was that happened to turn my life around and set it on the right track, the Narconon Program at Riverside will stand out as one of, if not the most significant influences.

That’s how strongly I feel about the training I’ve received so far in that program and the positive attitudes it has given me. If there was ever a program needed in the prison systems of this country, Narconon is the one: and I am only sorry in that it took so long, but I’m heartened by the fact that its not too late; thank God.

Over the past twenty years I’ve been in and out of on jail or prison after another as a result of my drug addiction – or more accurately, my inability to face the facts of life which are really that simple; You are what you are, and not what you’ve been told you are; or, what you think people would like you to be.

It’s those very dramas which cause the problem. It got so bad with the new dramas popping up to cover over poor performance and bad reviews in previous acts that I had just bout been lost for all time. But thanks to a chance introduction to Narconon and the farsightedness of some progressive-thinking corrections people I’ve been able to step out of the past and into the now and the future.

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