Ruthanne Tudball Visits A Drugs Therapy Centre Opening In Bracknell

Drug Therapy Center Opening Bracknell

Bracknell News, England
April, 1976

Photo caption:

At the Narconon centre, from left, are Paul Nash, Public relations secretary; John Carey, course member; Wily Muir, director and supervisor; Don Fraser, and Vernon McKeown, head of communications division.

A ‘white sheep’ in curing addiction

“Narconon is the white sheep in a field of failing drug therapies,” says Australian journalist Katy Pitt.

Now the first permanent U.K. centre is trying to get established in Broad Lane, Bracknell.

The programme, leaders explain, works by helping the addict to find out the reason why he ever turned to drugs or alcohol (the centre deals with any form of addiction) and to face up to it.

This is achieved through the graduated series of courses, each one including theory and practical exercises.

Four men sit in a small room facing each other as William Muir, Executive Director of Narconon in Bracknell explains, they are completing a communications exercise - the first phase in their drug rehabilitation programme.