Drug Programme in Britain

Britain Drug Programme

Drug Programme in Britain

“Narconon is the name given to a non-profit making organisation in the United States which has been surprisingly effective in reducing both crime and drug-taking. The name means, basically, “no narcotics”; and no drugs are given in treatment.

The United States’ supervisor of Narconon flew home two days ago, after having given the final briefing to the team which is about to start the first programme in Britain. (There are 35 programme centres in the United States.) The first centre should open in London by the end of the month. Already, there are four or five applicants.

Narconon started in 1966, at Arizona State Penitentiary, with a pilot group of 20 addict-convicts. Within the last year, it has branched into South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and Mexico - and now Britain. About 7,500 addicts enrol in the programme every year in the United States.

In America, about half the programmes take place inside prisons - though outside centres are needed to allow previous inmates, in particular to carry on with the treatment.

Though addicts’ problems are naturally individual, Narconon has found they are usually of two kinds: something the person wants to avoid; and something the person wants to do or achieve and has been unable to do. The Narconon programme is made up of a series of courses. Every one includes theory and practical exercises, aimed at convincing addicts they must tackle their problems through their own strength of personality. The courses are aimed at getting the individual to look at his life and his environment as it is now. This reduces drug-craving. The practical exercises are meant to increase the awareness, communication and responsibility of those participating.

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