California State Assemblyman Commends Director of Narconon

California State Assemblyman Commends Director of Narconon


By the Honorable Frank Holoman
Sixty-Fifth Assembly District


WHEREAS, Dr. Ben Gibson, executive director of Narconon New Life, is deserving of special recognition for his unselfish individual dedication to helping mankind, upon the occasion of Narconon’s third year of successful work in the fields of drug-free detoxification and alcohol rehabilitation, education, and prevention; and

WHEREAS, Narconon New Life, the founding halfway house in the Narconon network, is one of the leading programs working in institutions, community centers, churches, and penal systems throughout the County of Los Angeles; and

WHEREAS, Narconon is a unique and remarkable successful program in using extroversion and communication exercises to alleviate the underlying causes of drug and alcohol use and dependence; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by Assemblyman Frank Holoman, That Dr. Ben Gibson be commended for his creative and devoted efforts to prevent drug abuse and alcoholism, to restore those afflicted with addiction and dependence to productive and happy lives, and to provide compassionate care for those in need of friends; and be it further

Resolved, That a suitably prepared copy of this resolution be transmitted to Dr. Ben Gibson.

Members Resolution No. 1057

Dated: October 11, 1974


Honorable Frank Holoman
65th Assembly District