Vancouver BC Barrister Recommends Narconon

Barrister of Vancouver BC Recommends Narconon



July 4, 1974

The Director of Narconon

To whom it may concern:

Please be advised that the writer is a barrister who practices law primarily in the criminal courts. Of the criminal matters with which I am concerned with, a significant portion of the cases are associated with drug related matters. From my experience I have been acquainted with the Narconon Association through clients who have sought their assistance.

It is fair for me to say that on the occasions which Narconon has become involved, on behalf of the accused and convicted persons that they have made a remarkable impression upon those persons to their betterment. Those persons who I have spoken with reflect a genuine reassessment of themselves and resolution to extract themselves from their physical and mental affliction to drugs and drug abuse.

It is my opinion at this point in time and from my experience that Narconon in its Drug Program is making a creditable and worthwhile contribution to the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Yours truly,


per: R.D. Grandison