New Hope of Treatment for Drug Addicts

Hope of Treatment for Drug Addicts

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Further to an article on the rehabilitation of drug addicts which talks about starting a movement that would be totally new to Sweden, I would say that this already exists and works amazingly well. It’s called Narconon and handled entirely by former drug addicts. My son has been fortunate to be located there, and I have for two months have seen him develop into a happy, relaxed and engaged boy. Narconon has been lucky enough to have been able to obtain their premises in an old abandoned school out in the country, not far from Stockholm.

It was pretty rundown, and it’s fun to see the eagerness with which young people now paint and sweep to renovate the premises. They are also activated by the different courses and are engaged from dusk until dawn.

They have found something else that completely fulfills them. I hope that the authorities have given them their support. For those who want to take a chance and get the help of Narconon, I would advise them to contact Narconon.

- A mother who has regained hope

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