Drug Rehab for Pasadena, Texas

Before a life of drug abuse, an addict had goals for his future. He had dreams that he worked towards accomplishing, usually with enthusiasm. However, as addiction took its hold on him, all these purposes and dreams disappeared. Although it seems as if they are gone, they are still there, buried beneath the cravings that push everything else aside.

The only way for an addicted person to get back a life filled with purpose and accomplishment is to find a drug rehab program near to Pasadena that provides lasting sobriety. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is the answer.

In Harlingen, the Narconon South Texas drug rehab serves all of Texas in providing a real chance for an addict to achieve lasting recovery. This long-term residential facility not only has a unique detoxification program, but also provides courses that teach a recovering addict how to maintain his sober life. The center is only a six-hour drive from Pasadena.

Helping to Proof an Addict against Relapse

The drugless withdrawal at Narconon goes far in helping an addict truly leave drugs behind. Many drug rehab programs use substitute drugs in an attempt to ease a person off a drug habit. However, since these substitute medications are themselves addictive, it only ends up trading one addiction for another. Narconon uses no drug substitutes or drugs of any kind in its effective treatment.

By the use of nutritional supplements and helpful assistance by trained staff, the addict finds the withdrawal is made more tolerable. The supplements help strengthen the body to better withstand the discomforts and difficulties of withdrawal. They are additionally beneficial because they replace vital nutrients that were depleted in the damaging addictive lifestyle.

Thorough Detoxification Removes Harmful Drug Residues

Drugs do not fully leave the body after long-term drug abuse. The Narconon New Life Detoxification eliminates the stored drugs that lodge in the fatty tissues of the body. Since these drug residues are known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings, even years after drug use has ceased, it is vital to flush them away.

By employing an exact regimen of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low-heat sauna, this unique detoxification flushes out these harmful drug residues, leaving the body clean and refreshed. Those who have gone through this program often state that their drug cravings have disappeared.

Withdrawal and detoxification is not the end of the Narconon recovery program. The final phase is a series of courses that teach the recovering person how to better handle their life once back home. He will face the same or similar stresses and challenges which he faced before, and which perhaps started him taking drugs in the first place. The Narconon Life Skills Courses, such as the Ups and Downs in Life Course and the Changing Conditions in Life Course, help him to repair situations and relationships which were harmed by his addiction.

Effective Drug Rehab in Pasadena Desperately Needed

South Texas and the areas around Houston and Pasadena are active drug distribution areas, with street gangs and other criminals making it too easy to obtain illicit drugs. It is vital to ensure addicts who want to remove themselves from the temptations are given the opportunity to maintain sobriety and live a productive and happy life.

With its high 70 percent success rate, Narconon South Texas offers an addict the chance to achieve lasting recovery, able to fulfill his dreams once again. Contact the Narconon center today.