Sauna Drug Detox Success Stories

“I Feel Totally Free from Drugs

New Life Detox sauna

When I started the New Life Detoxification, I felt beat down. I was tired mentally and physically, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything for a long period of time. Now I feel totally different. I am stronger every day and have tremendous energy. I wake up early and stay up all day without any problems.

Many things occurred during my time here, such as drug tastes in my mouth, sweating out oils from my drugs, and having dreams about drug use. Since completing this program, they have all subsided. I feel totally free from drugs and any toxins. I feel awesome and ready to continue this program. I would like to thank staff who helped me through this process. They are professionals and they act accordingly. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Narconon Student —Nate F.

Sauna Detox Program

“My mind is clearer than it has ever been”

I have had so much success in cleansing my body and mind. For the past week, I have been feeling better and better. My mind is clearer than it has ever been before. Since doing the New Life Detoxification, I can recall information from my past that I previously had not been able to recall.

My taste and smell have come back to me, and I’m enjoying socializing more than ever. All of my anxiety has diminished and my body feels great. The drugs that I did over the past years have left my body. I know this because I’m sleeping awesome and I jump right out of bed every day.

Before The New Life Detoxification I was sad, anxious, depressed and in pain. Now, I feel none of these symptoms. I know my body and mind; I’m ready to move on with life. I really feel that my mind and body are free from all drugs and toxins. I feel great!

Narconon Student —Jeremy W.

I Have the Tools

The Narconon program is great and has changed my life in so many ways. The New Life Detoxification is amazing and has helped me to completely rid my body of all the toxins, so I no longer crave or want the drugs.

The staff here at Narconon always has your best interest at heart, whether you believe so or not. For me, the heart of the program was the Life Skills phase. If you work an honest program, like I have, you’re in for a drug free life if you want it. I did and now I have it. I now have the tools and the knowledge to live a better life. I have really enjoyed my time here. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go through the program.

Narconon Graduate —Michael B.

The Important Things in Life

I feel great! All the toxins are out of my body and I now feel driven to do things once again. I used to constantly think of all the negative things in my life and never thought of what was most important and standing right in front of me.

I think positively all the time now and have many goals I want to complete in life. The New Life Detoxification has made me realize the importance of my life and the responsibility I have, which is to be a great provider for my daughter. I bettered myself so I can have a great, happy life with her. Thank you for guiding me through this program.

A New Path in Life

When I began the New Life Detoxification, I wasn’t fully convinced that it would do the things that it claimed to do. About a week into the process, I stated experiencing feelings like I was high on drugs and even coming down off of them. As I progressed through, I noticed all of my peers experiencing similar reactions. At that point, I was convinced.

I did everything I was told to do, and am certain that my body is now completely toxin free. I am no longer feeling the “want” for any drugs. I am looking forward to my new path in life, living completely drug and alcohol free. I am also excited about learning what I can from the rest of the program to accomplish my goals.

Narconon Student —Anthony R.

“I have myself back”

I arrived here at Narconon Arrowhead almost a year ago after a 12 year addiction to meth. I came here straight from jail, I actually sat in jail for almost six months not knowing if I was going to have to go back to prison for a second time.

During the 12 years I was addicted to meth, I gave up so much time with my family. I gave up my freedom, getting an education, and those who know me would probably tell you I gave up my sanity, because I was completely insane. I did so many horrible, horrible things. Nobody even wanted to be around me, they couldn’t stand me, and who could blame them, I couldn’t even stand myself. But thanks to Narconon Arrowhead I have been able to confront those situations and put them behind me. I had so many wins and gains from this program it is unreal.

I now have a relationship with my family, all of my legal is pretty much taken care of, I have a wonderful job with awesome people, but most of all I have myself back. I am once again the same caring, big hearted person I used to be. I now have goals that I want to achieve and things to look forward to in life and it feels great! I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life.

Living Sober Life to the Fullest

When starting the New Life Detoxification, I was starting to feel normal again. The first week, as I was easing my way into the program and I thought it was a piece of cake, then I hit week two. The days grew into weeks and I was becoming worn out because of all the sweating I was doing. I began napping in the middle of the day, but for a good reason. I began to feel better.

I didn’t feel like anything was occurring the first two weeks, and then week three hit. I felt like I was high on ecstasy for nearly an hour. I, of course, thought that the feeling was phenomenal until it ended, and I realized what was coming next. The come down. I was shaky, spacious, and just completely out of it.

The next day, I was feeling great knowing I had pushed it out of my system and have continued on, having better days. I was unsure of when this part of the program was over at the time, only knowing you would feel 100% better. Well after today, I feel 110% better, as I did when I was a kid drug free and living happily. I know I’m ready to move on through to the next part of the program. I am staying positive, with an awesome attitude, and living life to the fullest.

Narconon Student —Justin V.