Finding the Right Cocaine Rehabilitation Program

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Every year, cocaine addiction robs millions of people around the world of their ability to make rational decisions. In the US, Europe, the UK and Australia in particular, cocaine drives individuals away from sound decisions on behalf of themselves, their families and their communities and toward illicit drug use and often, a deteriorating lifestyle.

According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, a long-term program is the best assurance of recovery from addiction to cocaine or other drugs. When seeking the right cocaine rehabilitation program, start with this guideline. Short-term programs of 28 days do not give a person time enough to fully eliminate drugs from their systems and then learn the right life skills that may have been destroyed by years of drug use.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program available in rehab facilities around the world is a long-term program of eight to ten weeks on average and has helped thousands of individuals overcome their addiction. Narconon programs not only offer thorough detoxification from substances that have been abused, they also address the life skills that need to be acquired to stay drug-free in the future.

Patterns of Cocaine Abuse

Powder cocaine tends to be associated with more affluent populations. In the UK, financiers who are inclined toward drug use may pick up a cocaine habit. Among bankers in Hong Kong and London particularly, this connection is frequently seen.

Crack cocaine is more often associated with lower income groups because crack is inexpensive per dose. Crack cocaine started being distributed in inner cities in the US and then spread to less urban areas. Crack is seen in some cities in Europe but not in great quantities.

In South America, the form of cocaine that is often abused is referred to as paco or basuco. It is an unrefined form of cocaine straight out of the jungles of Colombia and neighboring countries. As cocaine is extracted from the coca leaf with toxic chemicals including gasoline, basuco or paco is itself highly toxic and thus physically damaging to the user.

Cocaine Rehabilitation is an Essential Service

No matter what form it takes, rehabilitation from cocaine addiction is an essential service to get those who become addicted back to a healthy, sound lifestyle again.

When a person becomes addicted to any form of cocaine, the drug becomes more important than other areas of life and so family, work, and goals suffer neglect. If family press the person to give up the drug, there is often resistance. The person who has never been addicted may not be able to understand the reasoning of the addicted but this is really because the reasoning of an addicted person is overwhelmed by the need for the drug. A cocaine high does not last very long, so an addict must always feed the addiction, several times a day. Breaking these ties takes a thorough recovery program. When you are seeking cocaine rehab for yourself or a loved one, talk to the Intake Counselors at Narconon. They can explain how addiction comes about and how that bond can be broken. You can help your loved one—or yourself—achieve a stable, drug-free life again.