Meth Rehab

It is possible to recover from meth addiction.

person struggling with addiction

When someone is addicted to methamphetamine, it can seem like they may never come back. In so many cases, the person is changed so badly that there is little resemblance to the person you once knew and still love.

But they can come back and they do come back if you have an effective drug rehab program. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been helping meth addicts recover for decades.

When the addict starts recovery on the Narconon program, he will first be supported to ease his or her way through the withdrawal portion of recovery. Once this stimulant wears off, the addict may hit a hard crash, manifesting a deep exhaustion and depression. The nutritional support and other assistance provided at a Narconon center will help ease a person through the discomforts and anxiety normally faced with withdrawing from meth. By supplying high doses of nutritional supplements on a steady schedule, a recovering addict’s body is washed with nutrition and can start to heal. This alone tends to raise the mood of the person. Gentle reorientation exercises and physical techniques known as assists continue the healing and help the mood.

In a matter of days, a meth addict who hopes for complete recovery can be on the other side of these withdrawal symptoms and looking forward to a full recovery.

The entire Narconon program is drug-free and holistic, which means that it addresses the entire person—both the causes and effects of addiction and the life skills the person needs in order to stay sober. It’s not an overnight process, it normally takes ten to twelve weeks to complete. But that is how long it takes to rebuild a life that was destroyed by addiction.

When you love someone who has become trapped in methamphetamine addiction, don’t wait a single day. Call a Narconon drug rehab counselor today to find out how you can save their life.

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Meth Problems Worldwide

Although you may not hear as much about methamphetamine as other drugs like heroin and cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs in the same class are in fact abused by more people around the world. The United Nations on Drug Use and Health reported in 2011 as many as 54 million people use amphetamine-type stimulants around the world.

While America suffers from a severe problem with methamphetamine, especially western and Midwest states, the majority of the world’s users actually reside in Asia. In East and Southeast Asia, there are 20 million users, and 38 million in all of Asia.

One of the biggest problems with knocking out methamphetamine abuse is that the drug can be manufactured in fairly small facilities by non-experts. And while these non-experts occasionally blow themselves up with their mistakes, this also means that small labs can be set up close to consumer markets. It’s easier to seize a drug shipment when it has a long way to travel, for example, shipments of cocaine that have to come from South America to North America or Europe. When meth only travels a dozen miles to get to the user, it is harder to trace and seize.

What you need to manufacture methamphetamine is access to a variety of chemicals. In the US, where more than 9338 meth lab incidents were reported in 2014, it takes common chemicals that can be found at a Wal-Mart, hardware store or pool supply store, plus pseudoephedrine. This chemical is a decongestant found in cold medicine. But across the nation, states have cracked down on selling cold medication that contains pseudoephedrine, putting it behind the counter and usually taking a person’s ID before the sale. The other alternative is finding a chemical company that will go criminal and sell the substance in bulk or stealing it. In 2008, a new method of manufacturing meth was developed that required less cold medication to make a profitable batch, and individuals began traipsing from one drugstore to another, buying just one or two packs of cold pills in each store to acquire enough of the drug to make a batch of meth.

Once those chemicals are turned into methamphetamine or amphetamines, it is a caustic, corrosive, highly addictive drug. Those who use it often are too addled to care for children properly so those children may suffer life-threatening neglect or, in too many cases, die. Meth use can result in depression and suicide as well as heart problems due to the stresses placed on that organ by the strong stimulant effects of the drug. Heavy use can result in paranoid behavior and even psychotic episodes which can run a person into severe problems in society or with the law.