Getting Drug Rehab Help

Addiction harms everyone involved—the addict, spouse, children, parents and extended family. The harm even extends to employers, businesses, and community. When a person can be brought back from the destruction and degradation of addiction, everyone can find relief.

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But making a full recovery after the intensity of addiction to prescription drugs, illicit drugs or alcohol is a very difficult job. When people enter treatment programs, the majority of them have been to rehab before. About ten percent have been to five or more rehabs before. Very often, the addicted person himself (or herself) resists or derails every effort to assist him in recovering. This resistance just adds to the heartbreak the family suffers and extends the danger for the person who is at risk of accident, overdose or arrest every day.

Help is Still Possible

No matter how many times a person has been to rehab, it is still possible that he can find just the right program that will make sobriety last. For more than fifty years, the Narconon program has been offering its assistance to many people who had been through other rehab programs without success. And many who had never been to rehab before found that they would never need another rehab program after Narconon. The Narconon program is long-term and residential which means that a person can focus fully on recovery and develop the skills needded to live a sober life.

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For a person who may not be looking for recovery at the moment, it is often necessary to dig a little to get them to remember life the way it used to be, before the need for drugs or alcohol began to control their actions and decisions. Some people who have been through rehab multiple times may feel that they should no longer burden their families. You may have to convince them that you have a new type of program that has an excellent history of enabling people to recover. The innovative steps of the Narconon program, unique to this rehab network, have convinced many people that there actually is hope this time.

On the following pages, you will learn more about helping people in specific situations of drug abuse and addiction.

How to Help Someone Addicted to Marijuana

There’s so much confusion surrounding the consumption of marijuana that it is no wonder that many young people may start using this drug. But when one out of six who start at a young age become addicted, there needs to be an effective way to guide them back to sobriety.

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How to Stop Smoking Weed

If a person who wants to stop smoking weed can’t then do so, his (or her) best action would be to find a rehab program with a good track record of enabling people to get back on track. The benefits can extend far beyond just stopping drug use.

How to Help Someone Stop Smoking Weed

When someone in your family (or even yourself) is a chronic and continuous smoker of marijuana, he will miss so much of life and may abandon goals that were once near to his heart. As well, marijuana abuse can progress on to the use of other drugs in many cases. When a person stops smoking weed and starts enjoying a sober life, his risk for the use of other drugs drops dramatically.

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How to Help a Heroin Addict

A person addicted to heroin may need rehab to stop using this drug before it can kill him or cause so much damage that there is really no return. If you care for someone who is addicted to heroin, you can find a healthy drugless rehab at Narconon. Substitute opiate drugs are not the solution, real recovery is.

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Heroin Withdrawal Help

When a heroin addict has gone through a “cold turkey” or unassisted withdrawal, he may refuse to ever consider rehab again. But Narconon offers an assisted withdrawal that many people say is their most tolerable withdrawal ever.

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Help with Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal does not have to be torture and sickness of body and mind. It can be tolerable, providing a positive start to an effective rehabilitation program, when a person chooses the supported withdrawal that is part of the Narconon rehab program.

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How to Help with Opiate Addiction

No matter how much a person rejects the offer of rehab, no one wants to be an addict. Forty-five years of history have proven that opiate addicts find recovery at Narconon rehabs around the world.

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Painkiller Addiction Help

Detoxification is an important step in recovering from painkiller addiction. Decades of experience has shown that the right kind of deep detox provides relief for cravings. Find out why.

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Prescription Drug Help

Over the last few decades, prescription drug abuse has trapped millions of people. Many of these people started using these drugs legitimately and then some others found they were addicted after a short period of abuse. Addiction can be just as bad with these drugs as illicit drugs, but fortunately, recovery is still possible.

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How to Get Off Prescription Drugs

An estimated two million people are struggling with addiction to prescription drugs. They can find the answer to addiction at one of fifty Narconon centers around the world. Narconon offers precise programs that get to the root of the causes of addiction.

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Help for Meth Addiction

Meth is one of the world’s most destructive and highly addictive drugs. A person abusing meth must find effective support at the first possible moment so they can break free of this dangerous substance.

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