How to End Relapse For Good

a sober and confident woman

Many drug rehabs help people get sober but few concentrate on the person’s ability and power to stay sober for the long term. A person’s sober future depends on his recovery from the trauma and damage of the past as well as having the skills to navigate through life’s inevitable challenges. Teaching the ability to stay sober even when life gets tough is an essential part of the Narconon drug rehab program.

How Does the Narconon Program Help End Relapse?

There are several steps in this rehabilitation program that focus on relapse prevention. These are life skills training services that zero in on the weak points in a person’s experience or development that could open the door to drug or alcohol abuse.

This life skills training covers these aspects of recovery and more:

  • Families see that drug abuse problems often arise after a loved one “falls in with the wrong crowd.” Many people who have become addicted or incarcerated trace back their problems to association with a few people or a group that had harmful intentions. Some of these people disguise their intentions and so can be hard to spot. For a person to stay sober, he needs to know how to identify troublesome people and know how to deal with them.
  • If a person going through recovery does not experience relief from the guilt and shame of addiction, he (or she) is going to carry a heavy burden for the rest of his life. The Narconon program includes an innovative life skills course that teaches each person how the abandonment of integrity leads to guilt, and further, how that integrity can be restored. Narconon staff then guide each person through this restoration process with the usual result being that the individual talks about the “weight being lifted from his shoulders.” Then he can begin to face his future life with hope and optimism.
  • For years, most addicted individuals have been “solving” problems by blotting them out. Crumbling relationships, legal threats, bankruptcy - everything was answered by getting high or drunk. Now, to stay sober, a person must learn that he can face and solve his problems. Multiple steps of the Narconon program build in an ability to face life just as it is and work out solutions. Each person applies these skills before they leave a Narconon rehab, both to gain experience using these tools and to improve the life he (or she) will return to.

When a person truly learns skills as part of rehabilitation, he can return home and build a new, sober life that lasts. For the majority of Narconon graduates, this means no relapse or if there is a slip, the person knows how to pull things together quickly.

In one testimonial video, a Narconon graduate’s sister stated, “The Narconon program gives addicts the tools to know how to live and how to take responsibility for their lives. It’s not just about getting sober. It’s about learning how to live without drugs and without alcohol - and to live successfully, happily.”

This graduate’s mother added, “Because of the life skills Larry learned at Narconon, we now call him whenever something goes wrong in our lives.” And then she laughed. “You got used to hiding your purse, hiding your legal medications. When you are used to living like that and then all of a sudden you know it’s over, you can’t give me a million dollars for that feeling!”

Learn how the Narconon program can help someone you love build a new life without drugs. Call today for more information.