Narconon Gives an Addict Back His Life

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Drug addicts live a horrible life—one of despair and sickness. Cravings drive them to do and say things that they would never have before using drugs. Addiction often leads to involvement in crime and violence. Not a pretty picture!

The Netherlands has a very real drug problem, with around 32,000 young people using cocaine and about 40,000 using ecstasy. Although the use of heroin has reportedly decreased, there are still many heroin addicts in Holland that need help.

It isn’t just the addicts who need help. Parents also suffer when a child becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, many drug rehab centers have little thought for the parents of addicts, sometimes even saying that the addict is the way he is because of his upbringing. This is far from the truth. The Narconon program helps both the addict and his or her parents.

The Narconon program is a rehabilitation program that provides a drug-free treatment that gives an addict back his life. With Narconon, parents can get their child back—the child he (or she) was before he started taking drugs. By putting the addicted person through a tolerable withdrawal program and employing an innovative detoxification, the physical aspects of addiction are addressed. The emotional or mental aspects are also addressed with special courses that teach an addict how to live a productive and happy life without drugs.

Joanna is a staff member at Narconon in Holland and witnesses miracles every day. She says:

“Other programs do not get the drug residues out of the body, and they don’t make people face up to their own responsibility for things and face up to their cravings. That is what the Narconon program does. It makes an addict face up to problems in life, and communicate about the bad things that he did, and gives him the life skills so he won’t do them again.”

On the Narconon New Life Detoxification, drug residues stored in the body’s fatty tissues are flushed out. This is vital as these stored residual drugs have been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings for years after someone has stopped using drugs. The Narconon Life Skills Courses deliver the knowledge and reliable tools a recovering addict needs to go back home and live an honest and ethical life.

Joanna was remembering some of the most memorable moments from her long career at Narconon. She related this story:

“There was a lady from Ireland who did the program ten years ago—she had her tenth anniversary this year—and she phoned me up, working now in a big arena, the head of security where famous pop artists perform.” The lady told Joanna that if she had not gone through the program, she would be dead now. Joanna adds, “You see things like that. You see somebody who nearly died five years ago now having a beautiful baby. Things like that.”

Joanna loves seeing people changing with the Narconon program—those who not long before had basically given up. She says that what Holland needs is massive and ongoing Narconon drug education. Drug education lectures really have an impact on kids. It can help change the drug problems in the country.