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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Narconon Vancouver

Beautiful Vancouver in British Columbia has been an intense target for drug traffickers for many years. Heroin has caused many thousands of Vancouverites to struggle with addiction, some losing everything to the drug. Even their lives. Methamphetamine came into the US first from Asia, with the West Coast being the first target of these traffickers.

Add to this burden the BC Bud industry that grew high-potency marijuana in hydroponic gardens and then trafficked the drug into the US with plenty left over for local residents. In British Columbia, the drug is legal only for medical use but recreational use is tolerated.

Into this atmosphere, Narconon Vancouver offers help for those who are losing a battle with drugs. Drug prevention classes help the local schoolchildren learn why drug abuse can be dangerous and even deadly. Those who have become addicted can find rehabilitation help through Narconon Vancouver, including an intervention if needed.

Narconon Vancouver is an excellent resource for any family seeking to resolve the addiction of a loved one.