Narconon Drug Education Surveys in South Texas

The Narconon drug education program in South Texas is doing very well. They have delivered drug education presentations to thousands of school children.

Our primary goal delivering the drug education presentation in schools are:

  • Helping children stay away from drugs.
  • To inform them what drugs do to your body and mind.
  • Help them tell their family and friends the truth about drugs.

These are some of the schools that Narconon South Texas delivered the drug education presentation to:

  • Villa Nueva Elementary (3rd, 4th and 5th grade) 3-1-05
  • Rio Hondo Elementary (4th 5th grade) 2-25-05
  • Harlingen High School (North & South) New Direction group 3-1-05

Each time we deliver the Narconon drug education program we have them fill out a survey to tell us what they got out of the presentation.

Here are the Questions:

  1. Can you tell us what you thought of talk, and Why?
  2. Did your thoughts about drugs change after hearing the talk?
  3. How can you use what you learned?

These are some of the answers that the students filled out on the surveys:

South Texas Drug Education

  1. I thought it was good because I learned some stuff that I did not know.
  2. Yes, because I learned it can kill you.
  3. By telling my cousins not to do drugs.

  1. Make sense cause I’m starting losing my sight.
  2. Yes
  3. By telling other people.

  1. Very informational and really not as boring as every other speaker I have heard. You got you point a cross and let me see more than I have.
  2. Yes, I know it was bad and I loved the way you presented.
  3. I can tell my friends and anyone important to me.

Drug Education South TX

  1. It was very interesting and innovating because it helped me learn things I didn’t know about drugs.
  2. Yes.
  3. I could help prevent my family from using drugs.

  1. It was good because it may help someone understand who want’s to try drugs or is doing them.
  2. Yeah, but I never think of doing drugs.
  3. Tell someone family member’s or a friend how drugs will effect in way they may not know about.

  1. I thought it was very interesting.
  2. Yeah, a little.
  3. I can tell my family what drugs can do to them.

  1. It was educational. I thought it was good.
  2. No, I already had those thoughts.
  3. Tell other people about some of those things.

  1. Very good, good info.
  2. Yes.
  3. I’ll think twice before I do something again.

South Texas Drug Education

  1. It is good because it helps from getting in drugs.
  2. It changed my mind so I would no longer take drugs.
  3. I could use it by helping my dad.

Each one of these answers are from a student who attended the Narconon drug education and prevention presentation.

For additional information, please contact us any time and feel free to ask about our drug education or rehab program. We can answer any other questions you may have about drugs at or give us a call.