The Recent California Drug Arrest Issues

California is one of the United States’ most beautiful states. It has a little of everything: Warm sunny weather, mountains, valleys, beaches, redwood forests, snowy slopes and even the epicenter for show business. However, California in all its beauty has its problems. One of the main problems it faces in today’s day and age is drugs. Here we will take a look at some of the state’s numbers having to do with drug related arrests.

A Real Look At The Numbers

A recent report of California’s drug arrests states that there had been a 39% increase in juvenile drug related arrests. During the same period, the adult drug related arrest percentage increased by 11.4%. Felony and misdemeanor marijuana arrests were the only categories where juvenile arrests were higher than adults. Marijuana offenses were the biggest factor in the 39% increase reported.

Another report shows the amount of drugs seized at the southwest border of California: According to this report, cocaine and methamphetamine seizures have steadily increased and show no signs of slowing down over the past 20 years. Meanwhile, Marijuana seizure has definitely decreased gradually.

The oddity is that while there is less marijuana that is being seized there are significantly higher arrests for marijuana than other drugs in the state. In fact, reports indicate that marijuana arrests have skyrocketed over the past decade, while the arrests for all other illicit drugs, possession as well as manufacture and selling, declined drastically.

What Is Behind The Curtain

Article after article state the same thing about the reason for the spike in marijuana arrests:

In 1990, 50% of California’s marijuana possession arrestees were African-American, Latino, Asian, or other nonwhite and 35% were under the age of 20. In the year 2010, 64% were nonwhite and 52% were under age 20. Marijuana possession arrests of nonwhite teens rose from 3,100 in 1990 to 16,400 in 2010. This marks a spike that is 300% greater than population growth in that group.

California’s African-American populations are 4 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. They are 12 times as likely to be jailed for a marijuana felony arrest. Based on all the numbers, African-Americans are 10 times more likely to be imprisoned for marijuana than any other racial or ethnic group.

These reports state that it is a tool of racial discrimination. The numbers are hard to dispute. The fact remains that California’s drug problem is not being handled correctly.

Other Drug Help Options From Narconon News

According to, a California based drug rehab management organization, if you know someone that is taking drugs, or you suspect someone of drug abuse, there is help. Please do not ignore warning signs that your family member or friend may be struggling with a seriously dangerous substance. It could be the difference in that person’s life.

Those that receive long term, residential help in the state of California and across the country for addiction problems are less likely to commit crimes after treatment. Rehabilitation has also been shown to improve the overall behavior and decisions of the individual and creating a productive, drug-free and ethical member of society.

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