New Report Finds More Mental Health Woes In College Kids Who Abuse Prescription Drugs

It’s no secret that while in college, a large proportion of students become involved in complicated and dangerous activities that have nothing to do with their educations. The sorority and fraternity systems are known for their heavy alcohol abuse and along with alcohol consumption can come overdoses, injuries and risky sexual activity. But in recent years, prescription drug abuse has become a rising problem. Now, there are more mental health woes in college kids who abuse prescription drugs.

A new study published the results of a survey of 26,000 American college students, completed in 2008. There were forty college campuses included in this survey. The alarming results of this survey showed a college population in which increasing numbers feel depressed, hopeless and even suicidal. The ones who expressed these feelings were more likely to also abuse prescription drugs. The survey found that 13% of students expressed these feelings.

These mental woes in college kids who abuse prescription drugs were particularly pronounced in young women who were abusing painkillers. It was thought as a result of this survey that students were trying to relieve their stress by abusing these drugs.

Keeping Students On Track For Their Goals

Abusing drugs is a fast track to addiction and addiction is an excellent way to destroy one’s dreams. When a college student finds himself (or herself) addicted, he is likely to leave his education incomplete and take any job that will enable him to get the drugs he needs to continue abusing. Some students will even stoop to dealing drugs as a way of keeping their heads above water. That can lead to arrest and the instant end of all future plans and dreams.  But recovery from addiction can mean putting that person back on the track they envisioned for their future.

Addiction Recovery Happens Every Day At Cal Narconon

The website takes you to information about Narconon Northern California. At this location in the coast range of the state, people are finding lasting recovery from addiction every day. Just like in forty other locations around the world, the Narconon program rebuilds broken lives from the ground up. It’s not something that can be accomplished in 28 days. By the time a short-term rehab program has been completed and a person is back on the street, a person is just starting to be free of the drugs that have been circulating in his body. As a sober viewpoint just starts to surface, instead of then learning sound and reliable life skills, that person has to face all the people he was doing drugs with before, all the places where he was arrested, or used drugs, or watched someone overdose. He has to deal with cravings that may be incessant. It’s no wonder that a short term program often fails to provide sobriety.

But Narconon in Northern California ( offers a long term program that a person competes at his own rate. No one ushers him out the door as soon as the month is up. He leaves when he has gone through the detoxification program that helps with cravings, when he has learned the life skills that will help keep him safe in all circumstances, and when he has renewed his personal integrity and moral code.

This is a short story about a thorough program. To really understand how this program gets its result of a 70% sobriety success rate, you’ll need to find out more about it. Call an Intake Counselor today and ask how the Narconon program can help someone you love who is struggling with addiction. Call Narconon at 1-800-775-8750 today.