Gastro Problems Caused By Real And Fake Marijuana

Marijuana has a long list of side effects, including respiratory problems and decreased mental function, but recent studies reveal an unexpected condition caused by cannabis.  It is called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis and causes severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

The trouble with this unknown condition is that doctors and emergency room physicians end up running a multitude of costly tests to try to determine the cause of the gastrointestinal trouble, and they may not even think to ask about marijuana use.  Even the users themselves don’t think of a connection and often end up increasing cannabis consumption, thinking this will help with the pain.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis is a side effect of both natural and synthetic marijuana usage.

The Best Medicine

Another obvious sign of this condition is that a hot bath or hot showers bring about temporary relief of symptoms.  However, the only remedy for Cannabinoid Hyperemesis is to stop using marijuana.

A recent case report explained that out of nine patients suffering from this condition at Scripps Green Hospital in California, symptoms disappeared in eighty percent of them when they ceased all marijuana use.  Eighty-eight percent of them used marijuana on a daily basis.

Another man, aged twenty-two, suffered from Cannabinoid Hyperemesis for ten months as a result of using synthetic marijuana.  After stopping, his symptoms disappeared and have not bothered him since.

The condition may be caused by a number of things related to cannabis.  The body may, after long-term use, be fighting increased toxicity and manifest this through severe, cyclical vomiting.  The hypothalamus, which regulates body temperature and the digestive system, may also become dysfunctional.  Marijuana is sometimes mixed with other chemicals, as well, which are known to be carcinogenic.  Further studies are being done to explore the various possible reasons for this condition.

The Price of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis

Those who suffer from this condition often end up in the ER–which can cost an estimated $10,000 per visit.  Patients are often required to return and can therefore end up paying nearly $30,000.  Additionally, there is the cost of a primary care physician, specialists’ visits, and more emergency room visits.  This can be very taxing on the health care system, so more case studies are being done to make this condition more widely known.

In 2002, Americans visited the Emergency Room 110 million times with abdominal pain as a leading cause.  Such increases in ER visits lead to higher health care costs overall.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis was first studied in Australia, but since then several cases have surfaced around the world.  Since marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug, this condition continues to be observed as more and more people are afflicted.  The most rapid growth of marijuana use has been in developed countries in North America, Western Europe and Australia, so experts predict more cases in these locations.

The legalization of the drug for recreational and medicinal purposes will only drive up the number of cases of gastro problems related to marijuana. This is in addition to those cases caused by synthetic drugs.

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