Helping an Addict through the Narconon Drug Rehab Program

Helping an addict through the rehab programMany of the Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center’s staff are graduates of the Narconon Program. This is a key element to the success of the Narconon Program.

When an addict is working with a staff member, they can have confidence when they’re describing a situation from the past or even a current situation, the Narconon Arrowhead staff truly do understand and know the exact steps needed to help the addict through.

Knowing that someone cares and understands is very important.

Success Story from Narconon Arrowhead

“First, I want to thank the withdrawal staff for believing in me that I could get through this.

I never thought I could feel so refreshed after being so sick.  My sleep has returned, not to mention a ridiculously large appetite and lots of happiness and accomplishments.

I feel great due to the work of the staff.  I am looking forward to moving to the next step.  I feel ready to conquer the rest of the program!”



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