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Narconon Provides a Holistic Solution to Addiction in Oklahoma

Whether an addict is addicted to street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol, his life turns into something far removed from the way life was before addiction took over. His relationships disintegrate, his dreams disappear from view and he sees no easy way out. Drugs and alcohol are poisons, ravaging the body and mind.

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With Narconon a Real Answer to Addiction Exists

Arrowhead drug rehab center

At Narconon Arrowhead, an addict will find a beautiful residential facility on 217 acres in the middle of a state park. This holistic treatment center is in Southeast Oklahoma, surrounded by wildlife and panoramic vistas of beautiful Lake Eufaula. Here Narconon offers addicts the kind of recovery they deserve, addressing all the aspects of physical and mental dependency.

When the person arrives at Narconon Arrowhead, his or her first step will be withdrawal. Drugless withdrawal is made more comfortable through the use of nutritional support. Good nutrition helps to strengthen the body, replacing essential nutrients lost in an addicted lifestyle. The trained and experienced staff provide additional assistance. This includes relaxation techniques administered to help ease the discomforts of withdrawal and careful monitoring of each individual to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Addressing AddictionAfter withdrawal is complete and before continuing on the rest of the program, each recovering addict studies materials which aid him in improving his communication skills. This enables him to get more in control of his emotions and environment, able to move forward on his treatment more effectively.

Drug Residues Must be Flushed Out to Achieve Lasting Sobriety

Scientific research has shown that not all drugs leave the body after someone stops using them. Drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, even staying in these tissues for years after drug use has ceased. To remove these residual drugs is vital as they cause foggy thinking and confused thought processes. These poisonous residues are also known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings.

The innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is the step of the program that eliminates these drug toxins effectively. It accomplishes this by employing an exact regimen of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna. With the drug residues flushed from the system, the recovering addict feels refreshed, energetic and brighter, with a more positive outlook on life. Many say that their cravings have completely disappeared.

Addiction Destroys Life Skills that Must be Rebuilt for Lasting Recovery

Drug Use

Anyone observing an addict can see that much damage comes about in their life as a result of long-term drug abuse. When the addicted person enters rehab, he has left behind destroyed relationships and difficult situations that he will need to deal with when he goes back home. For full recovery, it is necessary to provide him with an education in how to live a drug-free life and repair the damage done from his addicted days. It is also important to give him insight into the causes of addiction to proof him against relapse. The Narconon Life Skills Courses teach just these aspects in living a life without drugs.

This series of courses teach the person recovering from addiction how to improve situations in his life, how to deal with things he runs into effectively and how to repair already damaged relationships. He also is taught how to restore his integrity and self-respect. An example is the Way to Happiness Course where he studies twenty-one applicable concepts to life, giving him reliable guidance in directing his life on the right path for happy living.

An Effective Drug Rehab for Oklahoma is Needed to Fight the Addiction Battle

Authorities in Oklahoma know how big a drug problem exists in the state. In all corners of the state, dealers sell their deadly wares, creating and feeding addictions in young and old. Recently, a seventy-three year old woman was arrested after she had been engaged in extensive drug trafficking in the state. The Sheriff's Department said that she was responsible for forty percent of the drug trade in the area and considered her one of Northeastern Oklahoma's biggest drug pushers.

In the southern part of the state, a huge Mexican drug cartel was using millions of dollars of drug money to finance horse racing operations. They purchased, bred, trained and raced quarter horses as a way to launder their drug money. These criminals were principally known for beheadings and other violence in their drug-related activities in Mexico. This horse operation was used as a front for the cash they received from smuggling thousands of kilos of cocaine and other illicit drugs into the United States.

Additionally, Oklahoma is part of the North Texas High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, with six counties carrying this designation by Federal authorities. Counties that are included are Cleveland, Comanche, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Sequoyah and Tulsa. Here the most significant drug issues are methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs. Marijuana is also extensively available. Recently there has been an upward surge of meth lab seizures in this region, with a 453 percent increase from 2010 to 2011. There is no question that an effective drug rehab is needed to stem the tide of addiction.

Narconon can Help Resolve the Problem of Addiction in Oklahoma

Overcome Drug Addiction

As the storm of addiction permeates our homes, businesses and schools, people must have an effective drug rehab for Oklahoma that can provide lasting sobriety. Addicts and their families need someplace they can turn to for help, and it must be a place where they have hope of a new drug-free future.

The solution is to turn to a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. With a 70% success rate at achieving lasting recovery, the holistic program at Narconon is saving addicted lives every day. An alternative to short-term or Twelve Step programs, Narconon treatment addresses the whole person, both physically and mentally. In this way an addict can achieve success at lasting recovery and the new hope of a fulfilling and happy future.

Saving addicted lives is the only objective at Narconon. In order to do so, the treatment consists of the important physical and mental factors that create and continue a drug or alcohol habit. Proofing a recovering person against relapse is a vital part of rehabilitation as well. Narconon has a high 70% success rate at achieving lasting sobriety, giving an addict the chance to get back his or her life and look forward to a drug-free future. If you or a loved one has an addiction, find an alternative and holistic treatment at Narconon Arrowhead. Call today!

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