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The life of an addict can take unpredicted turns. Addiction can drive a person to actions he would not dream of before becoming addicted. He turns to lies and deceit to avoid criticism from others or to obtain money for drugs. He may even turn to crime.

When a family sees a loved one on this path, there can be nothing more important than trying to help him or her. Finding an effective drug rehab for Oklahoma City that can truly give lasting recovery is a priority. The holistic program available at a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is that hope.

Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma provides the long-term, residential program so necessary to lasting sobriety. This beautiful facility is only a two-hour drive from Oklahoma City and is located on a rolling hills in the middle of a state park. Here an addict will find the way to get back on the right road to a productive, honest and happy life.

A key aspect to the Narconon treatment is the fact that no drug substitutes are used in the program. Substitute drugs such as methadone and buprenorphine are themselves addictive and thus using them just replaces one habit for another. This is not the way to lasting recovery. Instead, Narconon employs drugless withdrawal, a thorough detoxification and an education in life skills needed for a drug-free life.

Thorough Detoxification is Important for Lasting Sobriety

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Drug detoxification is a vital step in drug rehabilitation. Drugs do not all leave the body after drug use and residues are found lodged in the fatty tissues, even years after someone has stopped using drugs. These must be flushed out, as they cause foggy and confused thinking and have been known to contribute to drug cravings.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification rids the body of residual drugs and toxins through the use of an exact combination of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna. This special regimen, when followed, results in the recovering person feeling brighter, more energetic and gaining a more positive outlook. Many say their drug cravings have disappeared.

Narconon is Working Effectively to Save Addicted Lives

Drugless withdrawal is an important first step in recovery. At Narconon the process of withdrawal is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and the competent assistance of trained staff. Of course, good nutrition is vital in strengthening the body so it can better deal with the stresses of withdrawal. The experienced staff give further help with relaxation techniques and reorientation exercises. These help to ease discomforts and reorient the recovering person to his current drug-free surroundings.

The final phase of Narconon treatment, after withdrawal and detox, is to give the participant an education in handling his new life without drugs. The Narconon Life Skills Courses teach a recovering person how to repair damaged areas of his life from an addicted lifestyle. This series of courses also provide him with reliable tools to use to improve areas of his life and learn to avoid people and situations that could lead to him using drugs again.

One such course is the Way to Happiness Course. Here the student learns twenty-one applicable concepts that guide him through a life without drugs. Some of the concepts include setting a good example, seeking to live with the truth, being worthy of trust and fulfilling obligations.

Having an Effective Drug Rehab for Oklahoma City Means Hope for Addiction

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Oklahoma City knows its share of drug trafficking and the related crime and violence that accompany it. Not long ago two men were arrested for operating a drug trafficking organization in the city, distributing methamphetamine throughout the area. When arrested, they were found to have a large amount of drug money in their possession, as well as ten pounds of meth and digital scales they used to measure out the quantities they sold.

Oklahoma City is on the direct conduit for drugs coming into the US from Mexico by way of Texas. The criminal elements in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have established cells of their enterprise in the Oklahoma City area. The numerous street gangs in the city act as retailers for the traffickers. As a result, Oklahoma City has more than enough supplies for anyone with a taste for addictive substances like cocaine, heroin, marijuana or methamphetamine.

To prevent a loved one from becoming involved with criminal elements and to turn their life from a maze of lies and deceit and back toward life again, it is vital to get the addict the help he needs to leave drugs and drug abuse behind. With a high 70% success rate at lasting recovery, Narconon is the top choice in drug rehabs that will give an addict back his life. Contact the Narconon center today.