Las Vegas Group Begins New Drug Abuse Program Narconon

Las Vegas Group Begins New Drug Abuse Program Narconon

Las Vegas Sun

September 9, 1972

A program for the rehabilitation of drug addicts will be opening next week in the Las Vegas area.

The program, called Narconon, will be located at 2131 N. 5th St., North Las Vegas. On a national level the program has been operating for six years.

According to Program Director, Stan Herron, Narconon is attempting a different approach to the drug abuse problem. “Narconon hopes to achieve more than just a restoration of the individual to his former state,” Herron said. “The program is designed to create in the individual a greater potential and capability than he was previously aware of possessing.”

This new approach demonstrates that drug usage is a symptom of an underlying problem. The Narconon program includes various exercises designed to increase the self-determinism of the drug user so that he reaches a higher ability to function in his environment, without the use of drugs.

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