Narconon Drug-Free Heros Narconon Newsletter

Each year, Narconon International recognizes individuals and organizations for helping those addicted to alcohol and other drugs and for their contributions in preventing substance abuse around the world.

Narconon International spokesperson, actress Kirstie Alley, handed out the prestigious Narconon Drug-Free Hero Awards on Narconon’s 27th Anniversary, February 19th, 1993.

The recipients this year were:

Narconon Drug-Free Heros


Now a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Raiders, Willie Gault has distinguished himself as one of the premier receivers of the National Football League. When not playing football, he makes himself accessible to a wide array of youth oriented and community programs. “I want to have an impact on the world, encourage kids not to use drugs and to help end hunger,” states Willie. As Assistant Producer and Director of the football music video “The Superbowl Shuffle,” he helped raise over $250,000 for the neediest families of Chicago, Illinois. Willie is particularly active in the Better Boys Foundation and The Los Angeles Children’s Toy Drive. He has founded the Willie Gault Youth Enrichment Program. He can often be found in schools talking with children directly.


Teen Challenge is the oldest private agency in the nation working with addicted and troubled persons of all ages. It was started in 1958 by David Wilkerson, who began working with youth gang members in New York. Presently there are 115 centers in the United States and 150 located in 26 foreign countries. This Christian Ministry has saved the lives of thousands of addicts over the past three decades. In addition to residential treatment, Teen Challenge provides drug and gang prevention programs, crisis care and counseling to troubled young people and their families as well as outreach programs into our prisons and jails. The goal of Teen Challenge is to teach the self-worth and dignity that God gives to all individuals which gives the strength, direction and values needed to overcome addictions and other obstacles in life.


A respected drug treatment professional for nearly a quarter of a century, Dr. Mecca began his career directing the Army’s drug treatment program in Vietnam. He later established the alcohol and drug programs for Marin County in California. Dr. Mecca set up and was Executive Director of the California Health Research Foundation from 1978 to 1991 and is also nationally known for his role as the Chairperson of the California Task Force on Self Esteem. As a physical fitness enthusiast (Dr. Mecca is a marathon runner), and as a fundraiser for drug abuse prevention efforts, he ran across the United States twice in teams in a program sponsored by the Rotary Club. Dr. Mecca is currently Director of the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs for the State of California.


As one of Hollywood’s finest stuntmen, “Wild Bill” can be seen on television and films acting as stunt doubles for actors such as Robert Redford, Lee Majors, Don Johnson, Jon Schneider and many others. In 1981, “Wild Bill” graduated the Narconon Program, handling his own addiction to drugs, and quickly became a vocal advocate against drugs in Hollywood through his work with the Narconon All-Star Celebrity Softball Team, as Captain of the Hollywood ProStunt Team, through anti-drug stunt shows and visits to schools. Each year at Christmas he can be found putting on stunt shows for children in Hollywood.


Dr. Tennant’s record of public service begins with his work as a U.S. Army medical officer directing the drug abuse program for the Army in Europe during the 1960s and 1970s. After military duty, he was a post-doctoral fellow in the United States Public Service and later taught as an associate professor at the UCLA School of Public Health. Dr. Tennant has served as Drug Advisor to many sports organizations including the Los Angeles Dodgers, N ASCAR and the National Football League. For over a decade, he has been Chief Narcotic Trainer for the California Highway Patrol and the California Department of Justice. He has authored over 200 articles, books and videos about neurochemistry and drug dependence and is a pioneer in the area of the use of amino acids for substance abusers.

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