Narconon Services Recommendation for Drug Dependent People

Narconon Services Recommendation for Drug Dependent People

Department of Mental Health
Alcohol and Drug Dependence Division

January 2, 1972

New London, Connecticut

Dear Mr. Healey:

After seeing your picture in the Norwich Bulletin and reading of the award you received, I feel your program should be included in the listing of Services for People Who Are Drug Dependent. Also, if your organization is on mailing lists, you may receive helpful information. Many, who like yourself are counseling, have been able to take advantage of counseling courses being given at Manchester Community College with the cooperation of the Alcohol and Drug Dependence Division, State Department of Mental Health.

Although the Drug Information has just been released, would you share information with us that can be added to our files. The attached form is sufficient. In trying to track down your address, I had most enthusiastic reports of your work and so look forward to learning more about it.



(Mrs.) Helen McClafferty
Program Planner and Coordinator