Drug Rehab for Georgia

Illicit Drugs Penetrate Georgia Cities

Georgia cities and towns are wide open to drug dealing, crime and violence. Street gangs and other criminal elements distribute illegal drugs far and wide, making profits from others’ suffering. Illicit drugs make their way into our homes, schools and businesses. Addiction is a threat to our way of life. Families watch in horror as a child becomes a victim, his or her life destroyed in the process.

Street drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol are all addictive and are abused by all ages, even those younger than twelve years of age. Georgia families must find an effective drug rehab for Georgia that will provide lasting recovery and help a loved one get on the path of a happy life with a fulfilling future to look forward to.

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers have been saving addicted lives for more than forty-five years. At Narconon, an addict will find a holistic program that addresses all aspects of addiction to not only get a person off drugs but also to help proof him or her against relapse.

Narconon Rehabilitation Centers Provide Lasting Recovery

When a person arrives at Narconon, the first step to recovery begins with a drugless withdrawal. Although withdrawal often creates apprehension for some, the experience at Narconon is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and one-on-one work with experienced and trained staff. A recovering addict can rely on the staff to help him or her with around-the-clock care if necessary. Gentle relaxation and reorientation techniques assist the healing.

Once the person has completed withdrawal, he is given simple study material with key exercises on basic communication skills. When learning these important techniques, he will get better control of his immediate environment and find his attitudes toward life improve. Introducing communication skills exercises at this point in the program have proven to increase a person’s self control and enable them to start engaging in their own rehabilitation sooner.

Eliminating Poisonous Drug Residues from the Body Assists in Recovery

Drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, even years after drug use has ceased. These stored drugs cause depression and muddled thinking. They have been known to trigger drug cravings. The innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification takes a recovering individual through an effective detoxification that flushes the stored drugs from his system. This is accomplished through a combination of time in a low heat sauna, moderate exercise and generous nutritional supplements. Many say that when they have completed this phase of treatment, their drug cravings have vanished completely.

Rebuilding Life Skills Destroyed by Addiction a Vital Part of Recovery

An addict has had much damage caused to his mind, body and spirit in an addicted lifestyle. This damage needs to be repaired and the ability to live a drug-free life must be restored. After an individual has completed the thorough detoxification, he studies a series of courses teaching him how to make the right decisions. He will learn to avoid people that can mean trouble for him and develop relationships with those who will support his new sober life.

The Narconon Life Skill Courses are the final phase of the Narconon rehabilitation program. This series of courses show the recovering addict how to restore personal integrity and values, and also provide a common sense moral code to follow that contains guidelines for his future happiness. He will now be able to steer his life in the right direction.

When complete with this study, the recovering person often feels increased interest in his future and begins to have dreams of success again. Many state that they now feel good about themselves for the first time in a long time. Many parents, who felt they had lost their son or daughter to drugs or alcohol, cry with joy at having their loved one back.

Georgia Experiences an Ongoing Battle with Addiction

Ironically, when Atlanta was chosen for the 1996 Olympic Games, the improvements made in the city also attracted the attention of drug traffickers. The city gradually became a major hub in the Southeast, a staging point for the distribution of drugs to the entire East Coast. Drug-related crime began to increase in the area and there is now a larger supply of drugs for local residents.

Mexican drug cartels are responsible for the development of Atlanta as a transshipment point for drugs. In November 2010, just one cartel was raided by law enforcement, resulting in the arrest of 45 people and the seizure of 46 pounds of methamphetamine, two tons of marijuana and more than two million dollars. The scale of this seizure gives one an idea of the importance of this region to the drug cartels.

Obviously, families suffer when their children get caught up in the related crime and violence, not to mention becoming addicted and having their lives destroyed. It is much too easy to obtain illicit drugs. Alcohol is legal and yet can result in serious addiction as well. It is vitally necessary to have a drug and alcohol program that addresses the key factors of addiction and proofs him or her against relapse.


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