Drug Rehab for
Statesboro, Georgia

wooded area near Statesboro Georgia

When a person is addicted, his life becomes a living hell as he ignores all the things that used to be important to him in his effort to find that next pill or drink. Family and friends can feel quite helpless, as there seems to be no successful solution. However, an effective drug rehab for Statesboro exists with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Not long ago the Statesboro news reported that a fugitive who had a role in a drug trafficking ring in the area was finally apprehended. He was on the run for five years, no doubt continuing his criminal ways and providing others with cocaine. However, he has now been caught and sentenced to twenty years in federal prison. He was only one of thirty-five people included in the original indictment. It is frightening to realize that dealers and other criminal groups are out there making drugs easy to come by.

Individuals in Statesboro Georgia can easily access the Narconon drug rehabilitation program in its neighboring state of Florida. In a beautiful garden setting in Clearwater, the Narconon program helps residents from all over the Southeast regain control of their lives. Narconon is a residential program with a unique approach to recovery that provides a workable method for individuals to overcome their addiction for good.

Helping to Prevent Relapse is Vital to Lasting Recovery

There are reasons a person turned to drugs or alcohol. At Narconon, rather than engage in a discussion as to what caused the recovering addict to begin drug use, life skills courses are taught that let the person achieve his own realization on how he got started. But even more important, the Narconon Life Skills Courses give the student the tools he needs to go back home after rehab and live an ethical and productive life without drugs. The knowledge he gains helps him restore his personal integrity and values, develop positive relationships with those who will support his sober life and understand how to repair damaged areas of his life.

An example of one of these courses is the Objectives Course. Here the student learns how to improve his ability to communicate effectively and use communication as a tool to identify and solve problems. He also participates in exercises that increase awareness of his present time surroundings and increase his ability to focus on goals and objectives long enough to accomplish them.

Two Other Vital Aspects of the Narconon Program to Save an Addicted Life

Before the recovering person does the life skills training, he will, of course, have to go through withdrawal. Although many dread this process, fearing many physical discomforts and emotional turmoil, withdrawal at Narconon is not to be dreaded. This drug-free withdrawal is made more tolerable through the use of generous nutritional support and caring assistance by the trained staff.

In some cases, it is medically necessary for a person to taper off of certain substances, such as benzos or heavy alcohol use. When this is required Narconon centers work with medical detox facilities to safely help the individual get to the point where they can begin their path to a truly drug-free life.

Another key part of the program, done shortly after withdrawal is the Narconon New Life Detoxification. This innovative detoxification effectively flushes drug residues from the body. These stored drugs remain long after drug use has ceased, lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. Because they are known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings, it is necessary to eliminate them from the system. Using a combination of moderate exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and time in a low heat sauna, this detoxification gets rid of these poisons, resulting in clearer thinking and a clean and refreshed body.

With a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center nearby, an addict will find lasting sobriety can be a reality. Take advantage of this opportunity to get on the right road and achieve a new life without drugs.

Having an Effective Drug Rehab for Statesboro is a Necessity

Statesboro, Georgia is known as the inspiration of the blues song entitled, “Statesboro Blues,” written in the 1920s by Blind Willie McTell. Perhaps Mr. McTell could foresee the sad state of affairs with drug addiction and drug-related crime that would later plague the city.

When the news reported law enforcement’s intention to arrest ninety-one suspected dealers in the region, certainly it sparked fear among citizens that so many illegal activities could be happening, even right in their neighborhood. So many were caught, Georgia Southern University’s Paulson stadium became a temporary holding cell.

Despite so many arrests, there are still dealers, drug cartel members and criminal groups on the street transporting, distributing and taking drugs themselves. It’s easy for an addict to get involved with the wrong people, get wrapped up in criminal behavior and even get arrested and sentenced to a long prison term. This is what makes it so important to have lasting recovery available. An addict needs a chance at a rich and rewarding life without drugs.