Drug Rehab for Calhoun, Georgia

An addict is drawn into a world of deceit and lies. In trying to alleviate the cravings that drive him, he will do anything to find the next pill or drink. His life becomes a mess of destroyed relationships, lost self-respect and commonly includes criminal activity. He puts himself in danger on a daily basis. Not only is serious illness possible from the consumption of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol, but he could end up dead from drug-related crime or overdose. To have an effective drug rehab for Calhoun is the only solution to save an addicted life. Luckily there is a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center a little over an hour away.

Narconon of Georgia drug and alcohol treatment center in Norcross is the solution to addiction and drug abuse.

For more than forty-five years, Narconon has been giving addicts a chance at a new, drug-free life and a happy future.

The Narconon Program is a Holistic Program that Saves Addicted Lives

Narconon is an alternative solution to those rehab programs using drug replacement therapy. Using substitute drugs like Suboxone or buprenorphine does not work to effectively leave drugs behind. These drug substitutes are just as addictive as the addict’s drug of choice. Trading one addiction for another is not the way to achieve a drug-free life.

Narconon uses no drug substitutes at any time in the treatment. Drugless withdrawal is one example. With withdrawal at Narconon, the recovering addict is given generous nutritional support and helpful assistance by the trained staff. The withdrawal is made more tolerable through the use of relaxation techniques that ease the discomforts and depression.

Detoxification Key in Providing Lasting Recovery for Addicts

To help proof a recovering addict from relapse at a later date, a thorough drug detoxification is necessary. Drugs are not all eliminated from the system once drug use has stopped. Drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. These poisonous residues are known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings even years after coming off drugs. To flush these residual drugs from the body, the Narconon New Life Detoxification uses a combination of vitamin and mineral supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna. Once complete with this phase of recovery, many participants state that their drug cravings are totally gone.

The next phase of the Narconon recovery program is a series of courses that help proof a person against relapse. There are factors in a recovering addict’s life that he will have to deal with upon completion of a rehabilitation program. Often, these factors are the very things that led him to begin using drugs in the first place. Sometimes there are associates that influenced the person to use drugs. Stresses and obstacles came up that may have resulted in the person turning to drugs or alcohol. The Narconon Life Skills Courses provide an education so the individual learns how to face these stresses. He learns how to recognize those who would again encourage him to fall into a life of drug abuse.

For example, the Personal Values and Integrity Course teaches the recovering person how to restore lost integrity, regain his self-esteem and how to live an ethical life. When this and other life skills are restored or rebuilt, one is much better equipped to weather the stresses of life without reaching for a pill or drink.

Calhoun, Georgia is in Desperate Need of an Effective Drug Rehab

Calhoun and the surrounding communities in Gordon County, Georgia have vast experience with drug-related crime and drug or alcohol addiction. With the major artery of Interstate 75 running right through town, many dealers and drug traffickers gain entrance to the area to distribute illicit substances. Those living in Calhoun become involved in trafficking and distribution of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs.

As a case in point, recently three men were charged with trafficking methamphetamine. After ongoing investigation, police seized over a pound of the drug and more than $50,000 in cash. In another incident in Calhoun, an addict was caught with drugs when stopped in an automobile for driving under the influence. Rather than be found with drugs on him, he swallowed a package. Although treated at a local hospital and released, he died the next morning.

With Interstate 75 being a conduit for drug traffic, many from out of state are found with quantities of drugs in and near Calhoun. One couple from Ohio was arrested near Calhoun with more than a pound of marijuana and a half kilo of cocaine.

Earlier eight people were arrested in a methamphetamine conspiracy in Calhoun. They were charged with drug trafficking and distribution as well as weapons violations. Many dangerous drugs were found in their possession. Some of the criminals engaged in a standoff with officers but finally surrendered.

Drugs are too easily available and can tempt a recovering addict to re-enter a life of drug abuse. It is vital to provide lasting recovery in a drug rehab for Calhoun in order to turn the tide for those addicted.

Narconon can provide lasting recovery for someone addicted to drugs. With such a high success rate at lasting sobriety, you can find no better treatment for addiction. For safe, effective and lasting rehabilitation, Contact Narconon today.