Drug Rehab for Atlanta, Georgia

Addiction creates human tragedy, and those with a loved one addicted to drugs and alcohol know this to be all too true. An addict becomes another person altogether, someone much different than how he or she was before addiction takes its hold. He loses his personal values and self-respect, turning to using lies and deceit to obtain the substances that will relieve the never-ending cravings. He loses the things dearest to him, like his home and family. It becomes imperative to find an effective drug rehab for Atlanta that will provide him with lasting sobriety and get him back on the road to true recovery. There is a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center not far away that can do just that.

Narconon Addresses Mental and Physical Dependence on Drugs or Alcohol

It is vital with any drug rehab program that the whole individual is taken into account when the objective is a drug-free life. The Narconon program includes not only a drugless withdrawal, but also a thorough detoxification and a study of Life Skills Courses that provide an important education in living a fulfilling life without drugs.

The first step in effective recovery is a drugless withdrawal. In fact, no substitute drugs are used at any time through the Narconon program. Replacing one addiction with another is not the way to a drug-free life. The withdrawal at Narconon is made more tolerable by employing generous nutritional support and by receiving one-on-one attention from trained staff.

A Thorough Detoxification Removes Drug Residues from the System

The drug residues left lodged in the fatty tissues of the body after drug use create many problems for a recovering addict. These stored drugs cause foggy thinking and depression, and they have also been known to contribute to triggering drug cravings. These drug cravings can be experienced even years after someone has stopped using drugs.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification, using a combination of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low-heat sauna, effectively flushes these poisonous residues from the body, resulting in clearer thinking and a refreshed body. Many who finish this phase of the Narconon treatment say that their cravings for drugs or alcohol have completely disappeared.

This detoxification is not the end of the program at Narconon. The final phase of treatment is having the recovering individual study the Narconon Life Skills Courses. These courses go far in proofing a student against relapse. The person finds out how to restore his self-esteem and personal values, develop positive relationships and repair situations he left behind that were destroyed through long-term drug abuse. For example, the Way to Happiness Course provides the recovering individual common sense guidelines for a happy life without drugs.

Effective Drug Rehab for Atlanta Desperately Needed

Atlanta, Georgia is a hub of illegal drug activity, with Mexican drug cartels fueling drug traffic and laundering money. Crime and violence escalate and drug dealers make illicit drugs available for all ages.

Recently, federal agents arrested five people who were linked with organized crime and distributed drugs widely. In this drug bust, handguns, assault rifles, police gear and counterfeit money were confiscated. They also found stashes of cocaine and methamphetamine. Shipments of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine are transported to Atlanta for storage before being moved to further points in the U.S., such as New York, New England and the Carolinas.

Other Mexican drug trafficking criminals were arrested in another incident involving a seizure of over 500 kilograms of cocaine and more that $23 million in drug money. More drug money has been seized in Atlanta than in Los Angeles or Chicago. Competition between drug cartels results in violence throughout the city. It becomes a necessity to find an effective drug program that will take an addict out of this whirlwind of drug-related activity and give him a real chance at a productive and ethical life - one without drugs.

The Narconon drug rehab program provides the real opportunity for an addict to live without addiction destroying his life. This effective alternative treatment saves addicted lives every day. At a Narconon program, an addicted person can achieve lasting sobriety and have a happy life once again. Call Narconon today.