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A drug or alcohol addict has a life that spiraling out of control. He has been caught up in a whirlwind of drug or alcohol addiction, lies and deceit as he tries to calm the overwhelming cravings for the drug to which he is addicted. One of the results in the loss of the trust and love of family and friends.

Sometimes the addicted person will try to find a drug rehab that can turn this mess around, but he seldom finds success. Luckily there is a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in town that provides lasting sobriety and a chance at a productive and happy life without drugs.

Narconon South Lake Taheo

Narconon Vista Bay in South Lake Tahoe, California is a residential facility offering lasting recovery by addressing the aspects needed for a sober life. Narconon has always been one of the top choices for drug rehab in the Tahoe area.

A Full Holistic Recovery Program to Restore a Drug-free Life

Narconon’s alternative treatment takes a recovering addict from a tolerable withdrawal, through an effective detoxification and then a series of courses for an education in maintaining a drug-free life once back at home.

An addicted person knows how difficult it is to withdraw from addictive substances. However, at Narconon, a recovering addict experiences a more tolerable withdrawal. By employing nutritional support, the body is strengthened as vital nutrients are replaced that were depleted in a life of addiction. Caring staff administer relaxation techniques that help with the aches and pains and give reorientation processes that assist in orienting the individual to his new drug-free environment.

A Thorough Detox then a Full Education to Turn an Addict’s Life Around

A complete detox is vital to flush out stored toxins. Drugs do not completely leave the body once a person has stopped abusing drugs. Residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. These are eliminated from the system with the Narconon New Life Detoxification. By using an exact regimen of moderate exercise, time in a low heat sauna and generous nutritional supplements, these stored drugs and other poisons are flushed from the person’s body. This leaves him feeling clearer of mind and cleaner of body. Many state that their cravings have disappeared.

But that is not the end of treatment at Narconon. Each individual must be proofed against relapse into drug use. A recovering addict needs to gain insight into why they began to use drugs in the first place. For instance, it can happen that someone in the past influenced the individual to use drugs, even when he had decided to stop. The Narconon Ups and Downs in Life Course teaches information that helps a person understand how this can happen and how to avoid being harmed by such people.

South Lake Tahoe not Exempt from Drug Production and Distribution

Although South Lake Tahoe, California is an idyllic spot in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is still a place where illicit drugs are available in quantity. In the news last year was an incident of a South Lake Tahoe resident being arrested after finding in his possession 90 pounds of marijuana, a supply of LSD-laden gummy bears and 30 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. The suspect was also growing marijuana in some storage units. Later, another drug bust in South Lake Tahoe netted ecstasy pills and Oxycontin as well as equipment to extract the intoxicating ingredient THC from marijuana. These arrests make it clear that the supplies of addictive substances in Lake Tahoe are plentiful. It makes it imperative to find an effective drug rehab for South Lake Tahoe.

Narconon Vista Bay in South Lake Tahoe has a high success rate in achieving lasting sobriety and helps proof an addict against the dangers of relapse. A person addicted to drugs or alcohol now has a real chance at having a happy and productive future without drugs.

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