After a few years working at the Narconon center in Oklahoma, Karen has been researching drug trends around the world and writing reports and articles on addiction and recovery for seven years.

Karen in Drug Rehab
November 22, 2017

Perfect Holiday Gifts for an Addicted Person: Responsibility, Gratitude, Honesty and Integrity

Responsibility, gratitude, honesty and integrity are lost amid addiction. The return of these qualities with true rehabilitation is the greatest gift you can give an addicted person.


Karen in Alcohol
November 21, 2017

10 Holiday Activities that are Far More Fun than Drinking!

At any big family gathering, it seems like there’s so often one or more people who drink more than they should. With a little planning, fun alternatives can keep holiday guests so engaged they don’t have any interest in alcohol.


Karen in Drug-Related News
November 18, 2017

Not Just Overdoses Drive Drug Users into Hospitals—It’s Also Drug-Related Illnesses

As we see more drug overdoses, we are also seeing more serious medical conditions connected to drug abuse that often send people to ERs, further overloading these facilities.


Karen in Prescription stimulants
November 16, 2017

Are We Overlooking the Threat of Prescription Stimulant Abuse?

Prescription stimulant abuse isn’t making the headlines but that doesn’t mean that parents should dismiss it as a threat to their children. Every child needs to learn how addictive these drugs can be.


Karen in Drug Prevention
November 15, 2017

Rural Areas No Longer Immune to Drug Overdose Threat

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that rural areas are no longer safe havens from drug overdose death because the rate of OD deaths in rural areas has just surpassed the rate in cities.


Karen in Drug overdoses
November 14, 2017

Have Overdose Deaths Finally Maxed Out?

Many people are waiting for the day when drug overdose deaths max out and begin to decline. Have we reached that point yet? Not even close.


Karen in Addiction
November 13, 2017

Should Drug Addiction Prevent Someone from Buying a Gun?

Guns and addiction to alcohol or drugs could be a very bad mix. Should states allow a person using or addicted to drugs or alcohol to possess or use a gun?


Karen in Drug Prevention
November 10, 2017

Drug Take-Back Day 2017: Close to MILLION Pounds of Unneeded Drugs Collected by DEA

Why has the Drug Enforcement Administration collected more than nine million pounds of unneeded drugs in the last 14 years? Are Americans really being over-drugged?


Karen in Fentanyl
November 10, 2017

Fentanyl: Truly, the Devil’s Drug

The CDC has revealed the rapidly increasing loss of lives resulting from the illicit fentanyl in our drug supplies. We’re now losing tens of thousands of loved ones every year.


Karen in Marijuana
November 7, 2017

Colorado Marijuana Exposure Results in First Documented Infant Death

An 11-month-old Colorado infant died after exposure to edible marijuana. His death is the first documented U.S. death resulting from this drug.