Karen in Addiction
November 13, 2017

Should Drug Addiction Prevent Someone from Buying a Gun?

Guns and addiction to alcohol or drugs could be a very bad mix. Should states allow a person using or addicted to drugs or alcohol to possess or use a gun?


Karen in Red Ribbon Week
October 18, 2017

For Parents: A Lesson in Effective Prevention for Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week occurs every October, offering communities a consistent anti-drug message to deliver to youth. It’s also a good time for parents to take a look at how to increase the effectiveness of their anti-drug messages to their children.


Karen in Drug overdoses
August 8, 2017

Salvation: Heroes on the Front Lines of the Drug Battlefield

The American epidemic of opioid addiction hits millions of people hard every day, including first responders. Two grateful individuals whose lives were saved went out of their way to thank their saviors.


Karen in Drug Prevention
July 9, 2017

We MUST Teach Our Young People: DEATH is a Side Effect of Drug Abuse

It’s so much more pleasant to be loving, trusting and supportive. But you must know when to change gears to prevent the destruction of a person’s future, hopes and even their life. It starts with your own education on drugs and addiction and the education of your teens. Even with young adults, you can still initiate conversations that could save their lives.


Karen in Impaired driving
May 13, 2017

In Fatal Traffic Accidents, More Drivers Are Drugged Than Drunk

A new report reveals that for the first time, a higher number of drivers who recently died in car crashes were drugged than were drunk. Forty-three percent of these drivers had used a legal or illegal drug compared to 37% who exceeded the legal limit for alcohol.


Karen in Alcohol
May 2, 2017

In Whiteclay, Nebraska, A Sigh of Relief as Beer Stores Close

Four liquor stores in Whiteclay, NE (population 14) have been selling 4 million beers each year. The most severe effects have been felt on the adjacent Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where possession of alcohol is illegal. But now, those stores are shuttered.


Karen in Drug Prevention
April 25, 2017

Special for Prom Season: How Teens Hide Alcohol Use from Parents

Yes, it’s prom season. A time of excitement, shopping, tuxedos, long dresses and corsages. In the minds of many young people, this time of year becomes a game of seeing what they can get away with, including plenty of alcohol consumption.


Karen in Drug Prevention
April 24, 2017

Prom Season Excites Teens and Worries Parents

Spring is prom season. This is a time that parents need to take action to prevent a night of drinking, drug overdose, hospitalization or traffic accident.


Karen in Drug prevention
January 30, 2017

Ten Things Parents Can Do Right Now to Reduce the Chance of Drug Abuse

The majority of parents want with all their hearts for their children to grow up drug-free, healthy and successful. But this task has never been more difficult. Narconon offers ten things parents can do right now.


Karen in Alcohol
December 14, 2016

Want to Lower Chances of Cancer? Skip the Alcohol

A new study has reinforced earlier research that alcohol is associated with increased risk of cancer. While the alcohol-cancer connection has been made before, this study was the first one to associate melanoma (skin cancer) with alcohol intake.