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How Drugs Can Change Your Personality


To most people, the effects of drugs and alcohol on the user are obvious. They may act out, become violent, and get into verbal altercations or simply act like a different person. Drugs and alcohol can intensify behaviors. Take someone who has trouble with controlling his temper. Give him drugs or alcohol and he may become extremely violent. On the other hand, the user may feel that drugs change his personality for the better. For example, a normally shy person may drink alcohol and then become talkative and outgoing, allowing them to put their insecurities behind them. This may seem like a positive effect, but the truth is that it is not. When a person takes drugs, the feelings of pain, stress and anxiety are blocked or masked by the high. The brain will begin to crave these feelings of euphoria, and that is when addiction becomes a problem. Continue reading

The Effects Of Ecstasy On The Brain

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The drug Ecstasy has been labeled as one of the most popular drugs for teens, young adults and adolescents and one of the most dangerous and damaging drugs in existence.

According to Drug Fact research and statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, when used, ecstasy causes serotonin to rush to the brain, resulting in extreme feelings of happiness and well-being. There is new evidence showing that this drug can actually be neurotoxic, meaning that it can damage cells in your brain. Long-term users of ecstasy have displayed signs of depression and anxiety. This is most likely because of the lack of ability to naturally replace their serotonin levels.

Ecstasy contains MDMA, which affects the body’s ability to regulate its temperature, leading to overheating. Drinking too much water, as users often do, can flush out their bodies’ supply of potassium. This can cause their organs to swell, which has proven to be fatal. Along with the risk of overdosing, it is important that you know the signs of club drug use, which include elevated temperature, high blood pressure, increased heartbeat, hallucinations and vomiting. Continue reading

The 5 Most Addictive Drugs

Getting High

According to a 2011 report by CNN Health, there are 22 million Americans who are addicted to illegal drugs in the United States and all around the world. Addictions vary from gambling, food, and sex, but probably the one which needs the greatest attention are drug addictions. Drug dependency not only ruins the lives of those who are addicted, but also the lives of those who are closest to them. Listed below are 5 of the most addictive drugs and their symptoms. Continue reading

The Affects Of Long Term Drug Use On The Brain

brain 2Drugs work by changing the brain’s chemistry and by affecting the neuron signaling in many ways. The job of the neurons are to control cognition, muscle movement, sensory information and emotions. They communicate with each other using synapses. As the neurons connect to the synapses, they release special chemicals called neurotransmitters. All of these things work together as part of a normally functioning brain. Some drugs are similar in structure to neurotransmitters and are able to bind to neurotransmitter receptors on neurons.

Drugs like cocaine and amphetamines stimulate neurons to release abnormally high amounts of these neurotransmitters. Others cause the release of high amounts of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter. This is what is responsible for the euphoric highs that drug users talk about. Continue reading

How Drugs Affect Your Sex Life

sex life

Believe it or not, but illicit drugs aren’t the only ones that can have a great impact on ones sex life. Many prescription drugs wreak havoc on the bodies sexual system. Statins and fibrates, which are used to treat high cholesterol, are a prime example. These drugs limit the availability of cholesterol, which happens to be a building block of hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone and other sex hormones. It is no doubt that these drugs interfere with the production of these hormones. There are other side effects that don’t affect sexual hormones or organs directly, but may impact ones sex life just the same.

For example, statins are also known to cause rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of muscle tissue. This will lead to joint pain and fatigue, which could definitely affect ones sex life. Unfortunately, many people who suffer these side effects as a result of a certain prescriptions end up taking additional medications for incompetence as well, adding to the cycle of a someone who needs medications in order to perform, otherwise normal, bodily functions. Continue reading

Do New Synthetic Drugs Create the Most Dangerous Addictions?

Addiction to Drugs

It’s pretty obvious that there are simply no “good addictions” when it comes to drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana or cocaine – every addiction is destructive of a person’s life, goals, focus, mental stability and personal integrity.

Drugs and alcohol are also destructive of a person’s health and relationships. When addiction takes over a person’s life, then every constructive priority takes a back seat to this overwhelming influence.

How then could one pick out one drug that creates the most dangerous addiction?

The fact is that there is a class of new drugs on the market that might qualify as creating the most dangerous addiction. It’s the new synthetics: drugs labeled as “bath salts” or “Spice.” There are actually many names for these new drugs.

They may be labeled as:

Bath Salt Drugs

Bath Salts

Ivory Wave, Cloud 9, White Dove, White Lightning, Scarface, Red Dove or even called plant food or research chemicals

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

K2, Spice, Vampire Blood, Lazy Cakes, Simmer

Some people might be able to abuse these new drugs and escape unharmed but others are not so lucky. Some people experience frightening, dangerous, even deadly effects.

Bath salts: Insomnia, delusions, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations.

Synthetic marijuana: High doses bring delusions, vomiting, seizures.

Why are People Abusing These Drugs?

Using Synthetic Drugs

In many areas, these drugs are sold as legal “highs” that are undetectable on drug tests. So a person on an athletic team who might be drug tested might think that he could get away with using this drug without being found out. It is also available in many places in convenience stores or head shops, even gas stations. There are federal laws outlawing these drugs but it is impossible for federal agents to cover all the locations these drugs are sold. Until individual US states or other countries enact legislation banning these drugs, they are as good as legal.

The other reason people abuse these drugs is that they don’t know about the dangers. Chemists seeking to gain profits at any cost are willing to devise chemicals that can kill. When the drug they have been selling gets outlawed, they can just come up with a new formula and new packaging and go back into business again.

The only safety, really, is in sobriety.

Narconon Helps a Person Develop the Ability to Live Sober

Drug-Free Living

At Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world, Narconon takes on a slightly different form than other rehabs. Students complete a series of life skills courses that enable them to overcome the causes of his or her own addiction. Perhaps it was yielding to peer pressure, desire to fit in, a need to overcome shyness, a yearning for excitement or just plain boredom that led a person to abuse drugs or alcohol. A person learns how each of these obstacles to happiness can be overcome.

First, each person learns about basic components needed for a sober life: communication skills, ability to confront another person without flinching, ability to resolve problems, a strong, recovered personal integrity, a moral guide for decisions and actions. After learning the basics of each of these ingredients of sober living, a person then uses what he has learned to gain control of his life again and repair the damage done by addiction.

It takes longer than 28 days to really recover from addiction. Narconon restores life skills, encompassing three to five months, have a 70% success rate, one of the best in this field.

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Narconon meetings

Even as Early as College, Some May Need Drug Rehab

Curious about alcohol use in colleges? There’s an amazingly easy way to find out if this is a popular activity. Just follow this simple procedure.

Decided on a well-known college. Go to Facebook and look for people attending that college. Look for profile pictures where young people are crammed together, grinning widely for the camera. Select a few of these people and check out the photos they have posted to their Facebook pages. It will not take long to find photo after photo that endorse the collegiate habit of abusing alcohol.

Facebook alcohol endorsement may be supporting and furthering the alcohol consumption that has been ruining academic careers and even resulting in the deaths of more than seventeen hundred college students per year. Hundreds of thousands more suffered effects like injury, assault or unwanted sexual encounters while drunk.

According to the Surgeon General, more than 12% of 18 to 20 year olds meet the criteria for alcohol dependence. With dependence goes destruction to one’s life, college career, studies and more.

When Careers are at Risk, Addiction Treatment Drug Rehab is Called For

Families watching their young members may grow concerned, and with good reason. The right choice can be alcohol recovery programs, even this early in life. Many colleges will work with a young person who needs rehabilitation by giving them a leave of absence for such a program.

So then the focus becomes choosing the right addiction treatment drug rehab center for the purpose of helping this person achieve long-term goals.

Choosing Conventional or Alternative Drug Rehab

When it comes to making a choice of rehabs, this can be difficult for families facing it the first time. Without experience with rehab, it can be hard to decipher the real meanings of rehab offerings. Here’s a simple way to start: ask the center for their success rate. Then ask how they measure their success. And listen closely to see if anyone says “relapse is part of recovery.” If the recovery rehab is less than 50%, or if they measure their success by any other statistic than the number of people who remain sober after going home, or if they tell you to expect relapse, move on to the next center.

Narconon Centers Around the World Help Scholars Return to Accomplishment

Narconon rehabilitation programs are alternative programs, meaning they do not utilize conventional methods. But they do have a success rate of more than 70%, as evidenced by two years of followup surveys and compilations of results from Narconon centers around the world. Since 1966, the Narconon technology has been helping people recover from alcoholism or drug addiction, no matter what age they are.

Each person going through the program has a chance to eliminate stored drug toxins that have been shown to be involved in the triggering of cravings, even years after drug use stopped. While bodies do break down drugs and eliminate them, some residues are left in the fatty tissues of the body, and time in a low-heat sauna, moderate exercise and generous nutritional supplements are the key to flushing them out.

In addition to lowering or eliminating cravings, this step, the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, helps lift the foggy feeling that can remain after substance abuse. This brightness plus recovered self esteem and the right life skills to make drug-free decisions helps anyone return to a productive, enjoyable life. A long string of Narconon meetings after graduation turn out not to be needed when one has goals in sight and the skills to accomplish them.


New Narconon Video Refutes Myth that Drugs Stay in the System Just a Short Time

When it comes to the effects of drug abuse, it’s hard to know who has the real story on the damage being done by abusing marijuana, alcohol, cocaine or other drugs. So many opposing views glut newspapers, television and the internet that it may be impossible to find the truth.

To help the public find accurate information on the dangers of drug abuse, Narconon International, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of addiction, has just released a new video to make the subject perfectly clear.

Is it true that drugs stay in the body or are they eliminated immediately? Do the residues of cocaine, LSD, heroin and the THC in marijuana stay in the system for some reason, making it hard to eliminate all the effects of substance abuse or addiction?

how long do drugs stay in the system videoThe true answer is clearly explained in this new drug education video from Bobbie Wiggins, a drug educator from Narconon who himself suffered from addiction for sixteen years. In this new video, available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNm7VfO39zk, Mr. Wiggins explains why drugs can stay in the system for years. He shows how drugs traveling in the bloodstream are attracted to fat deposits that surround the blood vessels and provides his own experience of experiencing an LSD flashback that occurred years after he had stopped abusing drugs.

Using the sauna detox program developed for those going through the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Mr. Wiggins eliminated the residual toxins from his addiction and found that life was brighter and more enjoyable.

“Anyone who is confused by the controversy about how long drugs stay in the body should just talk to anyone who has done this sauna detox program,” said Mr. Wiggins. “Once you hear the story of someone who experienced an LSD trip five or more years after they stopped using drugs, that should help you resolve any opposing views. In my case, being able to build a new, positive drug-free life for myself through the Narconon drug rehab program truly saved my life.”

Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse agrees that drugs can stay in the system for a year or more. In a report on the NIDA website, researchers validate the fact with reports of LSD flashbacks a year or more after taking the drug.

Narconon centers offering effective drug rehab and drug education can be found across the United States and around the world. Visit www.narconon.org or call 800-775-8750 for more information about the effects of drug abuse.