The Truth About Drugs Issue 2, page 4

The Truth About Drugs issue 2 pg 4

The Narconon Program

Drug education is only a portion of the complete Narconon approach to drug-free living.

Commended world wide for its effectiveness, the Narconon program is based solely on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, who spent years researching the harmful effects of drugs and how to reverse them.

The Narconon program consists of a series of counseling and training levels designed to raise the addict or user from being the effect of his drug habit to being causative over his life and future, free from the ill effects of past drugs.

Narconon puts responsibility back into the hands of the individual to allow the person to achieve goals in life without drug dependency.

The Narconon rehabilitation program provides:

Drug Free Withdrawal – done with vitamin and mineral supplements and specialized counseling techniques for a drug-free, relatively painless withdrawal.

Purification Program – medically supervised specialized program of exercise, nutritional supplements and the use of a sauna to eliminate drug residue and toxins from the body.

One to One Counseling – specifically designed to help the individual become more in control of himself and understand fully what led him to use drugs, thus eliminating the need for drugs.

Courses – in communication skills to enable the individual to control his attention and communicate effectively and handle problems in life without the use of drugs.

Narconon has provided drug education to thousands of students, parents and teachers in the last six years.

Narconon also provides drug prevention activities with the help of the Narconon Celebrity All Stars, a group of over 300 drug-free celebrities, who are “Drug Free Heroes” for the youth.