Narconon Captures Acclaim

Narconon Captures Acclaim

Narconon Captures Acclaim

Narconon, a non-profit organization which has won wide acclaim for its successful methods of rehabilitating drug users and criminals, announced this week plans to deliver a series of free drug education and prevention seminars to L.A. area school children this fall.

According to Mary Drusts, director of the Hollywood based national Narconon office—and herself the mother of three teenage schoolchildren—”While we as parents puzzle over and sometimes rail at the failures of education, we must also take a good look at one of the major contributing factors to its overall decline—that of drug use among the students.”

Statistics show the use of drugs to be increasing among junior and high school students; other statistics show the literacy level and Scholastic Aptitude Test scores of students on a marked decline.

“It is not hard to draw a parallel, especially when one knows the lingering effects drugs have on an individual’s ability to concentrate, direct his attention, relate to and retain what he studies.”

Narconon hopes to deliver over 500 of these drug education seminars to L. A. area schoolchildren during the current school year.

“Our main objective,” states John Duff, lecture series coordinator, “is to swing the tide of peer pressure from pro-drug to pro-life; to get kids to really see what a dumb and non-survival game the role of a “druggie-drop out” is, and to get them excited about all they can achieve in life instead.”

“It’s just a matter of giving them realistic facts on drugs they can relate to , and being a better salesman than the local pusher.”

In addiction to the school lectures, Narconon is also offering free drug education workshops for parents, teachers and concerned community organizations starting this summer.

Narconon—which means “non-narcosis” or “non-stupor”—was founded by William Benitez while an inmate at the Arizona State Prison in 1966. The methodology used is based on discoveries about the human mind made by world-renowned philosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

Since 1972 the program has expanded into over 24 drug and criminal rehabilitation centers in the United States, plus more in Mexico, Canada and Europe.

“Once we have successfully piloted this drug education project in Los Angeles, we plan to get similar programs initiated across the nation.” reports Mr. Duff. “We already have the beginnings of two such programs underway in Orange County and in Chicago, and this is just the start.

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